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Queen Of The Eros

Movie ID: MIRD-001
Release Date: 2005-9-13
Label: REAL
Production: Moodyz
Starring: Miki Komori, Chihiro Hara
Yuuna Takizawa, Azusa Ayano
Jun Seto, Syuri Himesaki.
Genre: Straight, Group, Lesbian.
Length: 320 Mins. / Mpeg Format
Language: Japanese

When Miki is made Queen of the State of Moodyz, her imperial reign begins with her formation of an alliance with the state of S1. All other states soon follow her command. All men are banished and enslaved, and her Queen Miki's ideology is spread across the world to all nations.

A conspiracy within the empire arises, can Miki and her faithful horny Queens rule in peace?

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