A Galaqxy Of The Eros

A Galaxy Of The Eros


Every year, Moodyz studio spends a considerable amount of money to produce a big budget adult film and this year JSexNetwork presents you with the third installment of the Eros Series titled 'A Galaxy of the Eros', a sci-fi adult video which takes place in the future and in depths of outer space. Just like the Roman styled video, 'The Queendom of the Eros' and Hell based 'A Hell of the Eros'. 'A Galaxy of The Eros', also features crazy and wild Japanese orgies with strange plots like the Star Wars of porn.

'A Galaxy of the Eros', features Ai Takeuchi, Nana Aoyama, Nayuka Mine, Yu Haruka, @YOU, Yumi Kazama, and Hikari Hino, who are all from an alien planet characterized by their extra large breasts, or better yet an alien species with big jugs. There are no tiny titty girls in this video, only full bodied hot babes, and these seven very sexy girls are initially captured by space pirates in the beginning of the movie from their homeworld. The first scene begins with 7 pirates banging the 7 tied up girls in an all out orgy in the main foyer of the spaceship and later, the girls devise a plan of escaping from this space prison by using their one and only useful skill, and that is to exhaust and tire out all the space pirates with an abundance of sex so they can carry out a full scale hijack of the ship.

There are indeed tons of orgy action in this video and if you can handle 7 girls getting pounded by 7 guys at the same time, as well as crazy scenes with 8 girls taking turns riding 1 guy, this video will keep your heart pressure up! If you've got a fetish for space adventures 'porno' style, then this roleplay/cosplay sci-fi adventure movie will be quite interesting.

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