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About PIN

In an unprecedented move, Vega Factory Corporation brought together 6 super AV idols and formed the group P.I.N also known as Perfect Idol's Numbers under the Murphy Recording Label, featuring top Japanese AV actresses such as Rei Itoh, Cocolo, Saori Kamiya, Hitomi Hayasaka, Naho Ozawa, and Natsuki. The intent is to record an original album featuring the idols, which eventually was released on DVD even though the idols had extremely tight shooting schedules.

The album is 60 mins long and features Saori Kamiya's debut solo 'TRAIN', Hitomi Hayasaka's 'It's a Fine Day' written by Saori, Cocolo's Solo 'May Be Tommorow', Naho Ozaha and Rei Itoh's 'Love Falls' and finalized with the group song 'Stages'.

Our conclusion of the album: We really enjoyed the album over here in JSN, and found that these girls really CAN sing and hit the notes. They are definately at par with other Japanese recording artists and this album is highly recommended. We also found out that Saori Kamiya played a large role in the production of P.I.N and found her to be clearly a talented artist, not just in the AV mainstream but this clearly gorgeous cutie has the potential to actually change careers and become a singer instead.

Album Information: PIN ~Perfect Idol's Numbers~
Track Time: 60 mins
Price: ¥3,800
Release Date: March 25 2003

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wa and Natsuki P.I.N

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