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Name: Tsubomi つぼみ
Birthday: December 25, 1987
Measurements: 84 - 58 - 85
Height: 160cm
Birth Place: Yamaguchi, Japan
AV actress Tsubomi (Pronounced ^Sue~Bom~Me^) is one of the cutest and most baby-faced looking actress to ever appear in Japan's adult video industry. For 2010, Tsubomi had a spectacular year and finally achieved becoming the #1 AV actress in Japan and officially elevating to AV Queen status. Ranked #1 for Top Video Sales and Video Rentals (as of December 2010) as well as being the first baby-faced actress to become #1, surprising everyone since it took poor Tsubomi 4 years to achieve elite status and surpassing powerhouse actresses such as Akiho Yoshizawa, Yuma Asami, and Aino Kishi on the monthly AV sales charts in Japan. Nevertheless, Tsubomi is extremely popular amongst cosplay fans as she simply looks like a doll, and she has worked with over 25 different AV studios working on numerous types of adult fetish genres.

If you have become infatuated with Tsubomi, it is good to know that she is an avid blogger, and she blogs nearly everyday to report her daily activities and very much enjoys communicating with her fans on her blog. Click here to access Tsubomi's online Blog.

Enjoy this month's JSexNetwork 2010 Christmas Tsubomi feature, which includes her newest and latest Christmas video released, as well as 20 extra bonus Tsubomi videos as our special Tsubomi present to you.

Tsubomi's 2010 December Chirstmas Video
Enlarge Santa Claus Tsubomi Video Cover MXGS-303

Holy Night Tsubomi! Santa Claus

On Christmas Eve, dressed as a sexy and super cute hot Santa, Tsubomi drops into homes of guys who have been good boys all year to drop off the ultimate Christmas present. On each guy's wish list, one guy wishes he gets a blowjob from Santa Tsubomi and suddenly, Tsubomi appears out of nowhere and starts to suck him off. In the next scene, another guy wishes to screw Tsubomi in a festive setting and shoots his load on her face and also gets his wish. In more scenes, a sad fellow gets dumped by his girlfriend on Christmas eve and Santa Tsubomi visits him to cheer him up with some hot sex and lastly, Santa Tsubomi drops in with her big bag of presents into a house with two guys and give them presents full of sex toys to use on her. This is an absolutely good Christmas present from Tsubomi!


20 Bonus Tsubomi Full Length Videos For Download

Download Tsubomi in Degeneration & Awaking Video MXGS-291
Dengeneration & Awaking
Download Video
Download Tsubomi in Cosplayer Tsubomi video AKB-020
Cosplayer Tsubomi
Download Video
Download Tsubomi in The Transfer Student video UPSM-068
The Transfer Student
Download Video
Download Tsubomi in Perfect Doll video VGD-070
Perfect Doll
Download Video
Downoad Tsubomi First Job Hunting MIAD-452
First Job Hunting
Download Video
Download Tsubomi in Intercrural Sex Adventure Video IFDVA-034
Intercrural Sex Adventure
Download Video
Download Tsubomi in AV Actress Rental Video ELO-312
AV Actress Rental
Download Video
Download Tsubomi in Lolo Lolo Pop Girl Video HODV-20531
Lolo Lolo Pop Girl
Download Video

Love Love Tsubomi
Download Video

Shame Vibrator Pants
Download Video

ARB Sales Cadet
Download Video

First Short Haircut
Download Video
Download Tsubomi in Acme Punishment 20 Video IESP-527
Acme Punishment 20
Download Video
Download Tsubomi in Alcohol and Aphrodisiac Girl Video DDB-117
Alcohol & Aphrodisiac Girl
Download Video
Download Tsubomi in Semen Drone Teacher Video DDT-282
Semen Drone Teacher
Download Video
Download Tsubomi in Backroom Pet Training Video DDT-310
Backroom Pet Training
Download Video
Download Tsubomi I'll Gokkun All Classmates Video MIAD-443
I'll Gokkun All Classmates
Download Video
Download Tsubomi First Paipan Sweet Lolita Video SAK-8458
First Paipan Sweet Lolita
Download Video
Download Tsubomi Be Yours For Short Time Video EKDV-104
Be Yours For Short Time
Download Video
Download Tsubomi Complete Maso Lolita Video DDT-197
Complete Maso Lolita
Download Video


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