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Japanese AV Idol Interviews

Yuma Asami Interview

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Interviewer: Yuma, you have really large breasts, so when did your breasts start getting bigger?
Yuma Asami: In middle school.. I already had F-Cup sized breasts during that time.

Interviewer: The boys in your high school must have teased you alot right?
Yuma Asami: I had alot of guys saying ;Let me touch em (laughs)

Interviewer: Did you feel that your large breasts made you feel embaressed in school?
Yuma Asami: Yeah I did at that time. Like when doing gym exercises, my breasts started to hurt when I ran, but I remember my middle school boyfriend said they are soft and he's really happy with them, which made me feel much more confident. My breasts are my most attractive feature.

Interviewer: Was your first sexual experience also early?
Yuma Asami: It happened in middle school, third year, with a guy I really liked, so I gave it to him.

Interviewer: When did you start really getting into sex?
Yuma Asami: When I was with my 2nd boyfriend.

Interviewer: Have you done it anyone besides your boyfriend back then?
Yuma Asami: No.

Interviewer: Have you ever orgasmed before?
Yuma Asami: Yes, I have. But during filming, it was my first time to cum with just the actors fingers. That was incredible! It felt like heaven when I was close to getting an orgasm. (laughs)

Interviewer: What about squirting?
Yuma Asami: It first happened during filming my mind went black (laughs)

Interviewer: Has your sex developed since making AV?
Yumar: I think it has, since the actors techniques are so amazing. There were many things and ways that I didnt know existed!! I remember thinking, AV filming is different compared to normal sex but now I find I am more lewd and daring with my sex life.

Interviewer: What about breast fucking on camera?
Yuma Asami: That was quite an education for me also. But its too bad now because I dont have a boyfriend right now so I cant make use of what i've learnt (laughs)

Interviewer: What's the highlight of your debut film?
Yuma Asami: Watching myself having sex in one of the sex scenes on a large monitor. It was really embarrasing but I was quite impressive. (laughs)


Interview Datasheet (Translated Below)

Translated Interview Data Sheet:

Birthdate: 24th March 1987 (18 at the time)
Birth Prefecture: Tokyo
Blood Type: AB
Height: 158cm
Measurements: B96 W58 H88
Bra size: H-65
Hobbies: Music, Karaoke
Speciality: Perfume collecting, Piano, English
Best features: Brown Eyes, Soft breasts
Favorite Food: Banana, Alcohol and sweet stuff
Leisure: Watching movies, shopping and karaoke with friends.
Entry into AV industry: An aquaintance introduced me.
Future Dream: To become a singer.To want to be a jack-of-all trades talent.
First time sex: 3rd year middle school with someone two years older at a karaoke box. It hurt but it was exciting!!
Relationships until now: 5 boyfriends / 1 other
Age ranges of these those boyfriends: 15-20 years old
Masturbation: I don’t masterbate
Most sex in a day: 5 times
Clothing underneath: Wearing a pink g-string right now.

Click here for more Yuma Asami media at JSexNetwork

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