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Yukiko Suo Autograph 1

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Japanese AV Idol Interviews

Yukiko Suo Interview

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[This Interview took place in Taiwan in March 2011]

Interviewer: We are very grateful to Yukiko's management for allowing this interview. We think this actress is super hot and she has some baby fat on her which we love, and she speaks so elegantly, and is super charming. Seeing Yukiko is love at first sight, so we apologize to you all if we forgot to ask some questions.

Interviewer: First of all Congratulations in making the big leap to the big silver screen as one of the female leads of Chinese adult movie: 3D Sex and Zen. What was your reaction? And what was the difference between filming (3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy) and filming AV back at Japan?
Yukiko Suo: Frankly speaking, I didn’t debut long before this opportunity came to me. I was really excited, and hope this opportunity will let more people know me. Well, AV is more personal, closer to my real life, but there is more real acting in Sex and Zen. It’s actually very different.

Interviewer: What impressed you the most while filming [Sex and Zen]?
Yukiko Suo: I had to wear a harness for stunts … Also, I remember in one scene I was being chased, some props from the harness scrapped my chest, I was so worried that I can’t do anymore future AV (laughs).

Interviewer: From Soft On Demand Studio's Cinderella Audtion debut (a $10 million Yen Contest where the winner wins money and contract), you are often assigned to perform overseas, such as Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. How are fans like there?
Yukiko Suo: They are really super enthusiastic, very different from Japanese fans. Seeing their enthusiasm, I feel like I’m more popular overseas than in Japan.

Interviewer: Why did you participate in the Soft On Demand Cinderella Audtion Contest?
Yukiko Suo: At that time I just graduated from high school, wanted to try something different, and seeing this contest which I think it can give me great confidence, so I signed up and never did I expect to win first place.

Interviewer: Lets talk about your first video, what did you feel on your debut?
Yukiko Suo: I was very very nervous and I was so nervous I didn’t know what to do in front of the camera.

Interviewer: In the Moodyz and Real Works Collaboration Double Cast Fuck 10th Year Anniversary video released in December 2010 with Miku Ohashi, what was the experience like performing with Miku?
Yukiko Suo: Just like how she looks, Miku is a very gentle person, and I was always feeling at ease next to her. It was very easy to work with her and I was very into her.

Interviewer: Recently you were selected to perform in a Moodyz and S1 10th anniversary collaboration [Moodyz X S1 Co-Planning Deep Semen Sex]. The video is very popular in Taiwan, and even more in Japan. In the film you and the male actor were super hot, it must feel very good, right?
Yukiko Suo: Yes, Yes, I super love that work, the producer of the film told me to relax, and perform just has you have sex with my boyfriend naturally. I was so into the moment, I forgot there were other presence, and I felt like I was completely in a realm of ecstasy. I love to perform like this again.

Interviewer: Do you use the same moves on your boyfriend?
Yukiko Suo: I don't have a boyfriend. Since I don’t have a boyfriend, I always looking forward to arrive to film AV. It allows me to liberate my empty heart and urge.

Interviewer: Since there is no boyfriend, what do you do to pass the time?
Yukiko Suo: Usually I spend time working alot and during my spare time at home, I usually spend time reading comics, watching cartoons and playing video games.

Interviewer: What do you hope to accomplish in the future?
Yukiko Suo: I hope to be an accomplish AV actress, and hope my fans will enjoy my work, and hope everyone will continue to cheer for me.

Interviewer: Do you have interest of coming to Taiwan to have a photo shoot or other activities?
Yukiko Suo: That’s certainly a good idea, I am very willing to come over to meet with overseas fans.





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