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Japanese AV Idol Interviews

Yua Aida Interview

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Yua Aida video Interview. Below is the translation of the interview.
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Interviewer: I know we are starting a little quickly, but what were you like as a child?
Yua Aida: I was always doing things at my own pace where I not rush things or be bothered to compare myself to the other people near me.

Interviewer: For example?
Yua Aida: Like in class, I would'nt understand what we were ever doing. (Laughs) What the hell is everyone doing? I always thought. (Laughs)

Interviewer: (Laughing) But who should have had answered that question though.
Yua Aida: Yeah now that I think about it. What the hell was I doing. (Laughs)

Interviewer: So you were always the odd one out?
Yua Aida: Most likely. On school excursions and stuff, I was always the one who gets lost. (Laughs)

Interviewer: Were you like this with your friends also?
Yua Aida: Yes, normally I got along fine with my friends but I always only wanted to have fun and when there were other fun things to do, I would get confused and dizzy! (Laughs)

Interviewer: Well then I bet you don't listen in class and stuff right!
Yua Aida: Yeah, like when I was in junior school, the teacher would always be looking for me after recess. I didnt really pay attention. When I realized it, recess was already over and everyones calling out to me. (Laughs)

Interviewer: What sort of things did you do during playtime?
Yua Aida: Hmm..What did I do? I played in the sandbox and stuff in the playground.

Interviewer: So you were an outdoors type of person?
Yua Aida: Yep, thats right. I was always outside the house.

Interviewer: So you were an active child.. Were you ever scolded?
Yua Aida: Yep. Once there was some jelly which I really wanted to eat, so I ate it just before dinner. I was really scolded by my parents for that! (Laughs)

Interviewer: Oh really? Does'nt seem like something you would get scolded at.
Yua Aida:After eating it, I had jelly all over me. (Laughs) Like some art piece.

Interviewer: What were you like at school?
Yua Aida: I was addicted to sports. In primary school I played basketball and in middle school I played tennis.

Interviewer: What about getting along with your school friends?
Yua Aida: I got along well with my friends.

Interviewer: Girls form groups dont they?
Yua Aida: Thats crazy. I was no good at those sorts of things.

Interviewer: Yeah crazy.. but didnt any groups want you?
Yua Aida: Yeah, groups said stuff like Hey, come over here but I would say hey who are you?

Interviewer: You were obviously a favourite with the boys. Did you have anybody you liked?
Yua Aida: I had two boys who I liked me from the time I was in junior school/ (laughs)

Interviewer: You already had two by that time?! But there was no love right?
Yua Aida: Yeah, I looked at them and thought he's cool and stuff.

Interviewer: But in middle school, you started wearing bras and noticing the opposite sex right?
Yua Aida: I didnt start wearing bras until I was in second year in middle school.

Interviewer: Second year middle school? Isn't that a little bit late?
Yua Aida: Yes it was. No one noticed (Laughs) when I exposed my nipple. (Laughs)

Interviewer: Guys in your class wanted to look at them didn't they?
Yua Aida: Yeah but it was hard for anyone to see. I always wore a tennis shirt.

Interviewer: Nevertheless, your chest started to grow larger in middle school, 5th or 6th year right?
Yua Aida: Yes, thats why by the time I started wearing a bra, I was already a C-cup. (Laughs)

Interviewer: I see. For the boys in your class, everyday must have been heavenly. Incidently, how were you at tennis? Were you good?
Yua Aida: Our school was strong at tennis. That's because we didnt slack off in training, so I became strong in it.
Interviewer: These schools that are strong at sports. What routine did your school have exactly?
Yua Aida: First we practiced in the morning, then again in the evening, from 8pm to around 9pm.

Interviewer: In that case you would have went to sleep as soon as got back right?
Yua Aida: Right.

Interviewer: Did you continue tennis in high school?
Yua Aida: No, by that time, I was burned out playing tennis. (laughs) I decided to take on art and take it easy in high school.

Interviewer: What kind of Art?
Yua Aida:Oil painting. I have always liked art for ages. I guess my mom influenced me.

Interviewer: So by the end of middle school, your fire burnt out for sports?
Yua Aida: Right.

Interviewer: So, your first sexual experience was around this time?
Yua Aida: It happened right in the middle of spring break after graduating from middle school.

Interviewer: Who did you do it with?
Yua Aida: My boyfriend at the time.

Interviewer: Did your first time go smoothly?
Yua Aida: Actually there were steps involved, so it was a natural process. The first day, we did up until A, then the next day we did up until B, then lastly we went all the way (C).

Interviewer: Interesting.. Thats the right way to do it for your first time isn't it. So how was the actual sex?
Yua Aida: It happened at my boyfriends house.. but while we were having sex his mom walked in. (laughs)

Interviewer: Eh? So you were caught?
Yua Aida: Yes. His mom yelled "What the hell are you two doing!" (laughs)

Interviewer: That must have been an unpleasant first experience.. What happened after that?
Yua Aida: After his mum left, he said, Why don't we continue.. (laughs) We continued the sex.

Interviewer: Really? Thats amazing! That happened after you finished?
Yua Aida: I told my boyfriend that I better go home, your mom is mad at us, then then I walked home. (laughs)

Interviewer: So nothing special happened afterwards..
Yua Aida:Nope, but I was happy. There was some pain though.

Interviewer: So you bonded with your boyfriend?
Yua Aida: Yes.

Interviewer: Was your relationship with him long?
Yua Aida: We broke up and got together many times. (laughs) At the end of high school I wondered why I was with him for so long.

Interviewer: So what about after you graduated from high school?
Yua Aida: For a while I was working at a part time job, then I got scouted in the streets of Shinjuku.

Interviewer: Is that this company?
Yua Aida: Yes. But the guy who scouted me was very annoying so I just said Yeah, I'd like to do AV. I was so bored and I wanted him to stop bugging me so I agreed.

Interviewer: So then you went off with him to the office to talk about it?
Yua Aida: Yes, I thought the company manager was really wonderful and I thought This guy is really great. I'm gonna work here!

Interviewer: So thats when you entered into the world of AV, But doesn't AV have a bad image? Weren't you afraid or anything?
Yua Aida: Until up then I didn't know anything about AV and listening to the manager's words, I thought this is definitely a cool job. (laughs)

Interviewer: Yes, the manager of this AV company is really a wonderful person. But didn't you have any objections to going nude in front of people?
Yua Aida: No. not really. I did alot of oil paintings and I had alot of exposure to nude models.

Interviewer: I see. What are your thoughts of being in the AV world?
Yua Aida: It's fun because I get to meet a lot of interesting people. You need a surprising amount of strength and courage now that I think about it. (laughs)

Interviewer: It's a difficult job isnt it? Do you have any goals from now?
Yua Aida: Not really but I'd like to continue doing my job to the best of my ability.

Interviewer: Well thank you for today. Work hard!
Yua Aida: Thanks, its my pleasure.





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