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Japanese AV Idol Interviews

Ryoko Mitake Interview

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Interviewer: So, are you nervous?
Ryoko Mitake: Yeah, a bit.

Interviewer: Let's see here...so you debuted back in January?
Ryoko Mitake: Yes, It was on January 25th. It was called "I'm in heat."

Interviewer: So that's about three months ago. Did you do a lot of interviews so far?
Ryoko Mitake: I think this is my fourth one. I tend to get nervous around people though...

Interviewer: Don't worry, don't worry. It's not like I'm going to attack you or anything. Let's just take it slow.
Ryoko Mitake: Hehehe, okay.

Interviewer: So I hear that they've decided to release 12 tapes of you in a row. You're doing really good.
Ryoko Mitake: I finished 9 of them so far, although we didn't make the packaging yet.

Interviewer: Really? That much already? When did you start the first one?
Ryoko Mitake: I think it was around October. Maybe November...I'm not sure.

Interviewer: But if you've done 9 tapes since then, that's a pretty fast pace.
Ryoko Mitake: Is it? I thought it was pretty normal.

Interviewer: So what did you do in your debut?
Ryoko Mitake: Well...for one thing...

Interviewer: What?
Ryoko Mitake: I had a blindfold on.

Interviewer: ...huh? During sex?
Ryoko Mitake: No, we just used it during a scene change.

Interviewer: That's not really much if you think about it. How was the filming?
Ryoko Mitake: It was very normal.

Interviewer: Didn't you feel like "Wow, this is all so new to me!"?
Ryoko Mitake: Maybe a little...

Interviewer: Did it feel good?
Ryoko Mitake: Hehehehe

Interviewer: Too embarrassed to answer?
Ryoko Mitake: Eh? Oh, uh, it felt good.

Interviewer: But a lot of things must've happened to you now that you finished your 9th tape, right?
Ryoko Mitake: Many things...?

Interviewer: What type of sex did you enjoy the most?
Ryoko Mitake: Which one I liked the most?

Interviewer: Yeah, the one you liked the one most.
Ryoko Mitake: I didn't do anything that hardcore yet. I did do a threesome though...

Interviewer: Oh, really? How about sex toys?
Ryoko Mitake: A dildo hurt too much at first to feel any good, but I liked the vibrator. Oh, that and I also did some running.

Interviewer: Ahahaha, what is that supposed to mean? What does running do?
Ryoko Mitake: They told me that they wanted to see me really tired so...

Interviewer: Ah, I think I know where the director is coming from. Looking tired is the last thing I'd think when I see you.
Ryoko Mitake: But I didn't get tired even after that, so I did 160 squats after that.

Interviewer: And you still didn't get tired?
Ryoko Mitake: They wanted to film me getting completely pooped out but I didn't get that far.

Interviewer: Do you do any sports?
Ryoko Mitake: Just swimming. I'm not that good at it though.

Interviewer: So that's why you have so much stamina. Oh, you also did some photo books?
Ryoko Mitake: I did two so far. One was shot in Saipan and the other in Shimoda.

Interviewer: Hehehe, talk about two extremes. Did you have time to look around in Saipan?
Ryoko Mitake: No, not at all. I worked until the last day.

Interviewer: That's too bad. How did the shoot go?
Ryoko Mitake: It was a lot of fun, but the sun was so strong in Saipan that I could barely open my eyes. On the other hand, Shimoda switched between being hot and cold so often that I caught a cold.

Interviewer: Isn't Shimoda famous for their seafood?
Ryoko Mitake: Yeah, I managed to eat lobsters while I was there. I looked forward to dinner everyday.

Interviewer: Nice---
Ryoko Mitake: But to tell you the truth I like meat more than seafood.

Interviewer: Oh, really?
Ryoko Mitake: I cook meat at least three times a week.

Interviewer: Seriously? I wonder where all that goes? Maybe your breasts and hips?
Ryoko Mitake: Hehehe, oh come on---

Interviewer: So you're an E cup?
Ryoko Mitake: Yes. I don't like my breasts much though. they look a bit squashed when I look at myself in my mirror. I wish it was a bit fuller on the top.

Interviewer: You think so? But yours looks more natural this way. When did your breasts get big?
Ryoko Mitake: Oh, it just happened.

Interviewer: Was it because a lot of guys played with them?
Ryoko Mitake: Hehehe, I didn't have much experience with sex before I started this job. Maybe about 5 people total.

Interviewer: Really? That's a fairly small number. When did you lose your virginity?
Ryoko Mitake: I lost it when I was 17 to my boyfriend.

Interviewer: Was he a classmate?
Ryoko Mitake: No, he was an adult.

Interviewer: An office worker?
Ryoko Mitake: Hehe, yes. He was 21.

Interviewer: How long did you go out with him?
Ryoko Mitake: About two weeks. He was a bit forceful about it.

Interviewer: He kept on nagging you?
Ryoko Mitake: No, even more forceful.

Interviewer: In what way?
Ryoko Mitake: I was just watching TV at his house and he just suddenly pushed me down, without undressing me or any foreplay.

Interviewer: What! How could he do that if he was going out with you?
Ryoko Mitake: He nagged me about having sex all the time and I guess he got fed up.

Interviewer: After two weeks? Talk about having no patience.
Ryoko Mitake: It really hurt at first, but I slowly started to feel good. Of course, I broke up with him right afterwards.

Interviewer: Obviously! But wasn't that a bit of a traumatic experience for you?
Ryoko Mitake: Not really. I figured that at least I wouldn't be a virgin when I do it with my next boyfriend.

Interviewer: Well then, I bet that it was with your second boyfriend that someone went down on you for the first time.
Ryoko Mitake: No, I never did that until I started doing the videos. I didn't know it could feel that good before then. The other guys would just stick it in there long enough to get it wet and then went at it.

Interviewer: That's pretty uninspired. Then how about any odd sex acts?
Ryoko Mitake: None. Oh, but I started seeing someone right after I began filming and he's really good at sex.

Interviewer: Was his dick big?
Ryoko Mitake: It was an average size, but it was a bit longer than usual.

Interviewer: So it went all the way in.
Ryoko Mitake: Yep. I'm really sensitive down there. You know that slightly bumpy area? It feels really good when someone touches that.

Interviewer: Ah, I know what you're talking about. So I guess you've experienced orgasms?
Ryoko Mitake: Hmm...to tell you the truth, I'm not sure if I came or not. I do get this odd feeling from time to time, but other people tell me that it's different from coming.

Interviewer: So you just get that pleasant continuing on and on?
Ryoko Mitake: Yeah. It feels intense on and off. Oh, but I remember that my body feels tense after I get that weird feeling.

Interviewer: Sorta ticklish, right? I think that's an orgasm. By the way, do you masturbate?
Ryoko Mitake: Hehehe, no.

Interviewer: Really?
Ryoko Mitake: Really. One of the actors had to teach me when I had to do it for the videos.

Interviewer: You never wanted to try it out?
Ryoko Mitake: Ah, I did try it once but I didn't know which hole I was supposed to touch.

Interviewer: Which hole?
Ryoko Mitake: Yeah, I was still a virgin at the time.

Interviewer: Still, most girls concentrate on the clitoris when they start masturbating, don't they?
Ryoko Mitake: I asked my friends about it and they all told me that I was supposed to stick my finger inside. They said that if I move my fingers around my thighs I'll find this hole....but it wasn't there!

Interviewer: Ahahah! You thought that it would just be wide open?
Ryoko Mitake: Yep. So I didn't know what to do so I just gave up. I still don't feel like doing it.

Interviewer: I guess regular sex would feel a lot better. How do you like to have sex? Oh wait, you said that you only had regular sex, right?
Ryoko Mitake: No, I started doing this with my latest boyfriend...

Interviewer: Like what?
Ryoko Mitake: He's a bit of a sadist so it was a lot more hardcore.

Interviewer: Oh, in what way?
Ryoko Mitake: Oh, he'd tell me to spread my legs or to get on all fours. He'd also grab onto my head when I gave up a blowjob.

Interviewer: Didn't you feel uncomfortable?
Ryoko Mitake: ...actually, it made me excited!

Interviewer: Hehehe, maybe you're a bit of a masochist.
Ryoko Mitake: Maybe. But I don't like it when I get hit.

Interviewer: How about it if someone pinched your nipples?
Ryoko Mitake: That sounds pretty good!

Interviewer: Hey, you are a masochist!
Ryoko Mitake: Ahahaha, no I'm not! I'm just kidding. Everyone's going to get the wrong idea if you say that.

Interviewer: Are you still going out with him?
Ryoko Mitake: No, I broke up with him. I'm busy with work, and I don't really need a relationship.

Interviewer: What type of guys do you like?
Ryoko Mitake: Someone older than me...maybe up to around 45. He'd have to be tall and slightly chubby. Oh, and wears glasses!

Interviewer: Ahaha, I don't understand why.
Ryoko Mitake: Really? But older men will treat me better and I bet they're better at sex!


Supplemental Notes: Ryoko Mitake announced her retirement after she was pregnant.

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