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Japanese AV Idol Interviews

Ran Monbu Interview

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Interviewer: Music. What type of music do you like?
Ran Monbu: La~~~~~(sings in a loud voice) or uh, Italian songs and the like.

Interviewer: Opera?
Ran Monbu: Well...not quite.

Interviewer: You wrote here that you triple your weight when you're studying all day.
Ran Monbu: Hehe, I really do, yep.

Interviewer: So have you always been into music ever since you were little?
Ran Monbu: Well, I've never done much in the way of sports. No swimming, and nothing that involved balls.

Interviewer: Balls. I bet that there's at least one sport involving balls that you like.
Ran Monbu: Ah, that I do like. Ahahahahha.

Interviewer: So what would you sing if you went to a Karaoke?
Ran Monbu: What would I sing...oh, Morning Musume?

Interviewer: You sing Morning Musume like an opera song?
Ran Monbu: No, just normally. I have to relax sometime, right?

Interviewer: So that must be how you practice your moans when you have sex.
Ran Monbu: Ahahahah, I am pretty loud. The director always tells me to keep it down a bit. He says that I'm tearing up the equipment.

Interviewer: It's loud enough to break the equipment?
Ran Monbu: Heeheehee, I take a couple of deep breathes before I start.

Interviewer: Well, I guess that's the healthy thing to do.
Ran Monbu: Ahahaha, but they all tell me to shut up.

Interviewer: So you were attending college before this when...
Ran Monbu: Oh, I didn't really go to school that often. (She looks at a magazine near her.) Whoa----....uh, sorry, it's nothing. Pigs...

Interviewer: Oh, the pig here is doing the...
Ran Monbu: The pig---, hehehehhe.

Interviewer: Looks like she's getting banged. Have you ever thought that you wanted pigs to lick your body?
Ran Monbu: I want to try this out sometime, hehehehe.

Interviewer: You do?
Ran Monbu: I want to try it out. It looks like fun. A pig----ahahhaha.

Interviewer: It's a pig. An animal.
Ran Monbu: Pigs! I love pigs. Hehehhehe.

Interviewer: You like to eat pigs?
Ran Monbu: I love pigs. Pork is good.

Interviewer: But this one's alive.
Ran Monbu: Ahahaha. But there was this one time I was chased by one. I was walking my dog by the country side and a pig suddenly came running my way. Immediately turned around and started running, leaving my dog behind.

Interviewer: Hehehhe.
Ran Monbu: The dog died.

Interviewer: Ahahahah.
Ran Monbu: Oh, it's not that the dog got eaten or anything. But he caught some disease from them and got sick and died.

Interviewer: And you wanted to have sex with one ever since?
Ran Monbu: Ahahahha, well, I want to be licked by their tongues.

Interviewer: You'd rather have a pig do that than a real guy?
Ran Monbu: Well, it's a new experience, you know? What's the problem with it? Ahahahah.

Interviewer: I wonder if you can really call it that...
Ran Monbu: Hehehhe. It is new. I want to try something you normally can't do.

Interviewer: Something you haven't tried before?
Ran Monbu: Yeah. I want to try some different kinds of sex.

Interviewer: And thats where the pigs enter the picture.
Ran Monbu: They do, heheheh, hehehh, heehee.

Interviewer: It says here that you've have sex with 5 guys, starting with when you were 15.
Ran Monbu: I was in the first year of high school. It was right after I got in and I was a bit desperate at the time.

Interviewer: Desperate?
Ran Monbu: Hehehehe, well there's nothing much to do in the countryside. Everyone's either studying, working, or having sex. My friends starting talking about sex in Jr. High and soon I wasn't able to follow their conversations at all, so I decided to have sex in high school no matter what.

Interviewer: So you were desperate and just did it with someone you didn't care for?
Ran Monbu: I do regret it a bit now. But I was just happy that I entered their circle.

Interviewer: I see, so you were desperate. Then I guess you practiced by yourself during Jr. High.
Ran Monbu: What do you mean by that?

Interviewer: Masturbate.
Ran Monbu: Oh, no I didn't. I still don't, actually.

Interviewer: Oh my.
Ran Monbu: Oh my.

Interviewer: Why not?
Ran Monbu: I'm not sure. It was a bit annoying, I guess. Yeah, there's something about the feeling of someone else's skin that makes it so much better. I'd rather do the real thing.

Interviewer: But don't you get horny when you're alone?
Ran Monbu: Sometimes. It's particularly bad when I have a period.

Interviewer: So I guess you did it for the first time on tape.
Ran Monbu: Yeah. I've done it about 3 times so far.

Interviewer: In front of the stage and everything?
Ran Monbu: In front of everyone.

Interviewer: With both your legs spread apart.
Ran Monbu: I wasn't sure what to do at first, hehehehe.

Interviewer: Did it feel good?
Ran Monbu: Hehehhe, I liked the way everyone was looking at me.

Interviewer: ...and when you did see people were looking at you?
Ran Monbu: I got turned on.

Interviewer: Maybe that's it. You thought that masturbating was boring because there's no one watching you at home.
Ran Monbu: Hehehhe, maybe.

Interviewer: Really?
Ran Monbu: Heheheheh.

Interviewer: Anyway, you got desperate and did it with your boyfriend?
Ran Monbu: Yeah, it was 2-3 days after we started going out, and uhh...I'm not sure if I should say that I was tricked or what. We went to the amusement park on a date. On our way back he was like "I'm getting tired." then "Wanna go into a hotel?". I was like "What!?" but he was like "Oh, I won't do anything." "I just wanted to take a rest because I'm so tired, really." "There's a show I wanted to watch.". I then just said "Oh, okay." Hehehhe.

Interviewer: So you then went to the love hotel.
Ran Monbu: When we did, he told me that he wanted to go into the bathroom and he didn't come out for a long time. After some time had passed, he asked if I was okay and then came out wearing a gown.

Interviewer: ...then he just spread it open?
Ran Monbu: Yeah, and uh, I saw everything.

Interviewer: And you saw his dick.
Ran Monbu: All hard and ready, hahahha.

Interviewer: Whoa.
Ran Monbu: It was all hard and I was so surprised by what I was seeing. I was bit disgusted, actually.

Interviewer: Did you touch it?
Ran Monbu: Well, maybe just a little, hahahaha.

Interviewer: So you didn't really resist.
Ran Monbu: I did a bit at first, but he was like "What's the problem, little lady?". Heheheh.

Interviewer: How old was he again?
Ran Monbu: He was 2 years older than me. We met on the train.

Interviewer: A high school kid really said those types of things?
Ran Monbu: Heheheh, it's a scary world out there.

Interviewer: He sounds more like a perverted old man.
Ran Monbu: Ahahaha, He didn't act very young, now that I think about it.

Interviewer: So what else happened with him?
Ran Monbu: I got scared of him afterwards so I stopped seeing him.

Interviewer: So I guess that's 1 of 5.
Ran Monbu: The next person I saw was 32 years.

Interviewer: Was this also during your first year of high school?
Ran Monbu: It was after I got into the 2nd year.

Interviewer: Ah, I bet he was a teacher at school.
Ran Monbu:: Well, he was a teacher, but uh...well you see, I was taking piano courses during high school. He was piano teacher. One of my female teachers from school introduced me to him. He was very close to her.

Interviewer: Uhh, exactly what caused her to introduce you to him?
Ran Monbu: I told her that I wanted a boyfriend.

Interviewer: What? Ahahaha, that's an odd way to get introduced, isn't it?
Ran Monbu: Well, we were almost like family to each other. I told her everything. So one day I asked her to introduce me to a guy and she was just like "So you've taken a interest in those things now."

Interviewer: All right, I'll introduce you to a male teacher.
Ran Monbu: Well, I never told her this but I sorta knew him beforehand. I happened to pass by him in school. Ahahahah, I'm serious you know.

Interviewer: Still, if he was 32...he was a heck lot older than you.
Ran Monbu: Yeah. He was about double my age. Still, I've always liked older men to begin with. I like the fatherly feeling I get from them.

Interviewer: Oh, so you felt more comfortable around him?
Ran Monbu: Yep. We just went out like a normal couple...oh, I lived alone back then. So we would spend the entire day in the house together.

Interviewer: A 32 year old stay at a 16 year old's room?
Ran Monbu: Yep.

Interviewer: So he would have sex at your place and then go back.
Ran Monbu: Heheheheh.

Interviewer: That's messed up (laughs).
Ran Monbu: Ahahah, why do you think that?

Interviewer: It's just weird.
Ran Monbu: Not it's not. It's not weird at all.

Interviewer: I don't know...you know, did he ask you to suck him off at F flat or something since he's a music teacher?
Ran Monbu: Ahahahaha, ahahha, but how you say it? He told me how to use my upper mouth.

Interviewer: Sir, could you use your flute to take a look at my sucking hole? Like that?
Ran Monbu: Well, I did it once to him and he complained that I sucked at giving it and he suddenly put his mouth on my finger and showed me how he wanted it.

Interviewer: So he sucked on your finger?
Ran Monbu: After he was done he told me to try again, hehehe.

Interviewer: Tell us about the first time you gave someone a blowjob.
Ran Monbu: Well, at first the only thing that was going on my mind was "Why do I have to do this?" I've recently starting getting hanging of the good parts of doing it. It makes me feel happier somehow. The look on the guy when I give them makes it all worthwhile somehow. Ahahhaa.

Interviewer: ...and I bet the 32 year old felt good.
Ran Monbu: Of course, it turns me on as well.

Interviewer: Are music and blowjobs related?
Ran Monbu: No, not at all.

Interviewer: If he's 32, I bet he shot in your mouth.
Ran Monbu: He did shoot it in my mouth once. I threw it up. It made me feel sick.

Interviewer: You wrote that you like it when the shoot it on your face. Did he do that?
Ran Monbu: No, never. That was never done to me until I started doing the videos and when I did it, I thought it really felt good. I'm a big pervert---! (laughs).

Interviewer: I wonder why.
Ran Monbu: It's a bit slippery and well, there's the freshness of it. The knowledge of me having done something new.

Interviewer: That does make you a bit of pervert.
Ran Monbu: I'm weird that way, heheheheh.

Interviewer: No, that's good. Very good.
Ran Monbu: Hehehe, I'm usually quite normal though.

Interviewer: So when you're having sex and your boyfriend's about to come, do you cry out "come on my face!"?
Ran Monbu: Uhh, I don't think I would say that.

Interviewer: You won't want him to?
Ran Monbu: Not really. I'm just fine with doing it at work. Heheheh.

Interviewer: What if he wanted to do it?
Ran Monbu: Oh, then it's fine. Hehhe. Actually, I haven't had sex in my private time for some time.

Interviewer: So you're looking for someone to cum on your face.
Ran Monbu: Oh, sure. Why not?

Interviewer: Ahahahah, really?
Ran Monbu: Ahahah, write me up an ad. Seriously.

Interviewer: Anyway, so this means that you first experienced it on video.
Ran Monbu: Yeah. The very first once I did.

Interviewer: Were you eager to do it?
Ran Monbu: I guess so. I did want to try it out. I wanted to know how it felt.

Interviewer: And how did it feel?
Ran Monbu: Oh, there was one embarassing part though. After about 20 people came on my face, they also came on this cake. I then had to walk around the street with the cake, saying "I'm from the newly opened bakery. Would you like a sample of our freshly baked cake?"

Interviewer: Sorta like a mystery cake?
Ran Monbu: A lot of people came to see what I was doing. It was during rush hour...around 5 PM.

Interviewer: Whoa, that sounds scary. So how did the people react?
Ran Monbu: Well, most of them were just curious what I doing, and some would come closer and yell about how much the cake smelled.

Interviewer: Well, it was 20 people's come. Were you properly dressed?
Ran Monbu: It was one of the racier outfits that Anna Miller's had. Of course, the come got on that too. It smelled liked crazy.

Interviewer: Ahahah, that was one hell of an experience.
Ran Monbu: Ahahahha, I guess so.

Interviewer: Did it feel like time slowed down?
Ran Monbu: Yeah. I just wanted it to be over but I had to do it for 15-20 minutes.

Interviewer: Still, you wrote here that you liked having sex outside.
Ran Monbu: Well, I haven't actually done it. I am interested in trying it out though.

Interviewer: Did the 32 year old want to have sex outside?
Ran Monbu: No. He was very normal.

Interviewer: How about trying you up or blindfolding you?
Ran Monbu: Nope.

Interviewer: Spanking your butt?
Ran Monbu: No. Very normal.

Interviewer: That could make him a pervert in a way.
Ran Monbu: Eh? How so?

Interviewer: Because he doesn't do anything.
Ran Monbu: Well, we did have sex. There's no reason to tie people up, is there?

Interviewer: How boring. Anyway, so we're now down 2, right?
Ran Monbu: Hehehe

Interviewer: So there's 3 left.
Ran Monbu: Yes there is. Well, two of them were very normal in every way, but one of them was a bit peculiar.

Interviewer: Ah, now you're talking.
Ran Monbu: He liked to lick my face.

Interviewer: The face?
Ran Monbu: Yeah. He wasn't too interested in my pussy, but he would spend like 1/2 an hour just licking my face.

Interviewer: Ahahaha, what the hell is that?
Ran Monbu: Anyway, after he licked it for 30 minutes he would just stick it right in my mouth.

Interviewer: What about your breasts or pussy?
Ran Monbu: He never touched them at all. He would just lick my face or pull on my hair. He would just get off on that.

Interviewer: I bet your face smelled of saliva.
Ran Monbu: Oh, you wouldn't believe it.I wanted to take a bath right afterwards but he wouldn't let me. He wanted us to "relax for a while."

Interviewer: I bet you preferred the smell of semen.
Ran Monbu: Hehehe, well semen's a bit different. Everyone smells a bit different. It's interesting that way.

Interviewer: Hmmm, do you like the taste?
Ran Monbu: I do. It's sweet. Hehehehe.

Interviewer: So you do like the taste of cum.
Ran Monbu: It's good. Very good.


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