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Japanese AV Idol Interviews

Nao Hirosue Interview

Find out about her career, thoughts on having small breasts, first time she had sex and what she thinks about having sex in front of the camera.

I think my first time, my boyfriend was a virgin too. I tell you what, it hurt. We did it at a hotel. It certainly wasn't worth what we spent on the room. I don't know how many times later, but I came to enjoy hugging naked. And doing it came to be fun too. Actually, foreplay rather than sex.

When we didn't have money for the hotel, we did it in the park. To tell the truth, I like doing it outdoors. Not in summer or winter, though. In autumn and spring, the bugs don't bite. It feels so great. And the chance of maybe being seen is thrilling. Even now I like to do it that way outside of work when I have the chance. By the way, it was later that I started to cum. It was after I broke up with my fist boyfriend and did it with a variety of guys.

In junior high, I was a bit of a loner with a real attitude. From the end of elementary school through junior high, I was pretty much by myself. Kids that I was friends with and those who weren't were pretty clearly defined. And I was pretty stubborn. I didn't need those friends anyway. Only those who would like me alone could be my friend and hang around with me.

When I got to high school, I started club activities. I wasn't athletic, so I was into more cultural stuff. An older student became like my boyfriend. He once said, "You don't seem to look at me as a man". And he was right. I was in no hurry to loose my virginity. But the concept of sex was appealing. It was uncomfortable at first, but it came to be fun after a while.

This June 25 release shows how curious Nao is. It starts out with her in a cute pink bunny suit. She gets licked up really good and gives back as much with a blow job. Nao gives such tender head. Next, she comes back in school swimsuit to suck of three guys. Those kinky positions look good in schoolgirl swimwear - a real pleaser. We finish off with Nao blindfolded taking in a vibrator. Seeing her in the throes of ecstasy is sure to get you excited.

Even with small breasts, I get by just fine says Nao. What I was really nervous about in getting into video was that I have a small bust. My little sister has bigger tits than I do. That's why I hate her (laughs). I am a picky eater. Maybe that is why my breasts didn't get big. All the other girls in the business had big tits. When I heard that I was pretty popular, I had gained confidence that AV girls' merits aren't just their breasts.

When I first heard about AV, I thought it must be really fun. Hey, I like sex. So when I was scouted, I thought sounds like fun. I hadn't seen a lot before, but I knew you got to do some things you don't normally have the chance to do. Threesomes and vibrators are just a couple of those. And the actors have such good technique. Atsushi Yoshida's toungework is especially stimulating. I like to be on top when I have to move. If you let me move, anything goes. During filming, I like threesomes and getting sandwiched. Hey, it's fun!

What the palm reader has to say

Chances at love will come one after another. But marriage is going to be far off. Luck with money is on the rise but will take a temporary slump. It will, however, go back up. Life will be full of more ups and downs than ever.

Nao on today's fashion

The only expensive things I have on are my shoes. But they were only 69,000 Yen. I usually don't put much money into fashion. My no-sleeve blouse and skirt I bought at the corner store. I don't like brand-name things. 1,900 Yen and 3,000 Yen items are fine for me.


Sex outside work...

When I have sex outside of work, it is because I wanna do it. I lead more often than just getting it. I am on top more than I am on the bottom. I always seem to be getting it in the videos. So I gotta maintain some balance. Am I being selfish? I don't have sex when I'm not in the mood. So privately I am seldom just on the receiving end. I really know how to get my partner going when I am in the mood.

"I like pretty boys"

My favourite type of guys are the glam brand type. Really pretty boys. I choose my boyfriends for their looks. And I guess tenderness too. Also, that they have a real job! What really turns me off is a guy who shows off for no reason. Pride and an attitude are two different things.

I check for my videos at the rental shop. I go to the video store a lot. I check if there is a Hirosue Nao corner and if the videos are being rented. Since my name is up there on the shelf, I guess I am pretty popular. But I am pretty nervous about the shops around my parents' home. I am scared of them finding out that I am in the business. It's a pretty strict family. I had a curfew, so I had to go straight home after doing it on a date. I got my parents used to a rebellious child, so my little sister didn't get it as tough as me. That's why I hate her (laughs).

I have only a few videos out. But we have already filmed nine. I think the AV business suits me. I want to keep it up as long as I can. If possible I always want to have a hand in the business.


Hirosue Nao's Vital Statistics

Hair: I always seem to have short hair. If it gets long, I can't stand it and end up cutting it.

Ears: Piercing hurts, so it is no go for me. For some reason my right ear is bigger than the other. Eyes: People are always asking if I am mad or something. Is it me?

Nose: I really don't think about it much. I guess it has a good shape, so I am not worried. Lips: They are just the right size. I am pretty fond of them.

Face: I have big eyes. They are what stands out most about my face. That may not make me perfect, but it will do.

Breasts: They may be small, but that doesn't worry me. I could use a little more volume though.

Arms: I worked part time at an ice cream shop, so I put on muscles and got bigger arms. Navel: You can see the inside, so I try to keep it clean.

Back: I have a cat-like back, don't you think? I try to have better posture, but I just can't seem to get it.

Pubic area: Hair started growing when I was in junior high. Pretty fuzzy, huh? Guess that is just how it is.

Ass: I don't exercise much. Do you think by butt has gone flabby? I could have sworn it was firmer. Legs: Kind of pudgy, huh. Like all the other girls, I wanna be thinner.


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