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Japanese AV Idol Interviews

Nana Natsume Interview

On 11/26/03, a Soft On Demand awards ceremony took place in the Tokyo Shinjuku Century Hyatt hotel. It was during this ceremony that Nana Natsume, who was to debut on January 8th, made her first public appearance as the host. Everyone in attendance was greatly surprised by how calm and confident she was during the entire ceremony. It was only later that I found out that she had appeared in a number of local TV shows in the Kansai area. This interview took place the day after the awards ceremony took place, right before she was to return to Osaka.

Interviewer: First off, I must say that you did really well yesterday. You did really well in front of all those people.

Natsume: Takahashi-san once told me that when he was on radio for the first time he was so nervous that he spoke too much. Basically he was telling me that I can do it properly even if I was nervous. He told me to just act natural and that's what I tried to do.

Interviewer: Still, your voice never wavered during the entire ceremony. I think that's a good sign for your career.

Natsume: Really? Then you didn't notice my legs shaking half the time.

Interviewer: That's not what it looked like to me.

Natsume: I tried to not let anything get to me. I figured that the least I can do is to talk loudly.



Interviewer: Anyway, let's talk about your debut video. Since it's directed by Tatsuya Aoki, there's been a lot of talk on-line about it being a "Juice" video (*Jiru-mono) Natsume: What's a "Juice" video?

Interviewer: Another way of saying Bukkake and the like

Natsume: Oh, like with lots of swallowing? It's not that.

Interviewer: That's what I thought. I guess it'd be more of the traditional lines since it's with someone as beautiful as yourself.

Natsume: It was a very well made video.

Interviewer: So how was it like to work with Aoki as the director?

Natsume: He was nice. He filmed me in Osaka before we did the actual shot in Tokyo and he told me that I was the type who was liked by most people. I tend to be pretty persuasive so even people who don't agree with me usually end up going along with things my way.

Interviewer: Were you always like that?

Natsume: I'm not sure. I hope not, but I think it's too late to fix it now.

Interviewer: I bet you have a lot of friends.

Natsume: Not really. I have a hard time opening up to most people I meet.

Interviewer: What about guys?

Natsume: Just about as much as anyone else. I might have more guy friends actually.

Interviewer: What do you usually do together?

Natsume: Baseball. I've been pretty busy recently so I haven't had the chance to play for a while.

Interviewer: So what have you been doing since you've graduated high school? Natsume: Just a lot of part time work. Helping around the house, working at a restaurant, assistant to a dentist, and even a bit of real estate. I didn't stick with it for too long though.

Interviewer: Ah. You get sick of things easily.

Natsume: I like to try new things but I tend to quit after getting a taste. Like that dental assistant thing. I started it because I was curious as to what type of things I would be doing but I was just doing support work for the dentist so I quit.

Interviewer: I understand how to feel. Learning to the job is often the most interesting part.

Natsume: That's why I think I'm suited to this type of work. Since the things I'll be doing will be different for every shoot, there'll be enough change to keep me interested.

Interviewer: Did you want to become an actress when you were in high school?

Natsume: Not really. I'm a pretty shy girl. I was more focused on doing things that came to my mind. I might've wanted to become an actress back then, but I never seriously thought that I would become one. Now I think I can do anything I put my mind to.

Interviewer: When did you first get scouted?

Natsume: When I was 20. A guy came up to me in Osaka and offered me a job in Tokyo. The first thing I did was a magazine shoot for GOKUH. Then I was in the Photobook "727" and an Image DVD called "nana". That was the last thing I did for 6 months so I was getting a bit worried but then I got jobs to do spreads for both the "Weekly Gendai" and the "Weekly Post".


Interviewer: So you've been doing nude shots since the beginning?

Natsume: Only for one of the shoots. I was so embarrassed that I was sweating by the time I was naked.

Interviewer: What did you do during the 6 months you didn't have any work?

Natsume: Oh, just some part-time work and staying at home for the most part. I wasn't really all that worried.

Interviewer: What kind of girl were you as a child?

Natsume: A bit of a tomboy. I was always looking after my brothers and playing with them all the time.



Interviewer: Your first love?

Natsume: I don't really remember. I would either have to be the guy I lost my virginity to during my second year of Jr. High or before that...ah, when I first started Jr. High! There was this guy I really liked back then and somehow other students found about it. So he actually came up to me to ask me out but we broke up after 1 day. He wasn't the guy I thought he was. He was this tall guy on the basketball team. Man, my eyes must've been really bad back then because when I saw him up close... Interviewer: Were you breasts big even back then?

Natsume: They started growing during my 2nd semester of my first year of Jr high. I was an E cup by 8th grade. I used to wear only sports bras but my friends talked me out of it.

Interviewer: So how was it like to lose your virginity?

Natsume: I never really thought much about virginity. I was interested so I did it.

Interviewer: With who?

Natsume: He was a year older than me and attended a different Jr. high school. We started going out before even getting to really know each other. We went on a couple of dates and then we fucked. We broke up not too long afterwards.

Interviewer: How many people have you had sex with since then?

Natsume: 3

Interviewer: What kind of sex do you prefer?

Natsume: The normal kind, with lots of loving.

Interviewer: Are you okay with doing it in a bright place?

Natsume: No way! I always tell them to turn off the lights.

Interviewer: So you've never taken a close look at a dick before you started doing AVs?

Natsume: I never really stared at it, no. Why do guys want to keep the lights on?

Interviewer: We need something to rev us up.

Natsume: Really? Can't you just settle for the feel? I mean, there's all this business with going to baths together and everything. Well, I'm okay with it now though. Still, in the old days, people wouldn't strip unless it was dark.

Interviewer: But you look great.

Natsume: I never really liked how big my breasts were. At first when guys were like "Man, they're big." I had no idea what they were talking about.

Interviewer: So you don't like guys that are after you breasts?

Natsume: Before I was like "Don't look at them!". Now it's more like "Here! Stare all you want."

Interviewer: So if someone wanted to fuck your titties you wouldn't let them? Natsume: The first time I did that was on tape.

Interviewer: Seriously!?

Natsume: Seriously. It's not meant for that. I'd prefer the lights off even for things like blowjobs.

Interviewer: How about a blindfold instead?

Natsume: You pervert! Don't you know embarrassing it is for one person to be able to look at you when you can't do the same?

Interviewer: Is there anything that holds you back during sex?

Natsume: It wasn't something I noticed until I started doing filming, but I really don't like sex unless its with someone I love. I also don't like how some guys go away right after having sex. I get so lonely afterwards. I'm okay with it now though.

Interviewer: When do you think your attitudes started changing?

Natsume: I'm not sure. I was still really embarrassed about these things when I was doing the photo spreads.

Interviewer: Did you ever want to be on top?

Natsume: No, never. I always left everything to the guy. I never got the feeling that I should be doing anything. I guess it has to do with the type of guys I went out with.

Interviewer: Maybe you just never had a good sex experience before you started disliking sex.

Natsume: Maybe. It's still embarrassing to do the tapes, but I know that it's okay as long as I enjoy myself. I try to focus on trying to make both myself and my partner feel good now.

Interviewer: Is your body sensitive? Like, do you get wet easily?

Natsume: Well...I do get wet easily, but not when I'm tense. I don't have a boyfriend right now so it's not like I'd really know how it's like now.


Interviewer: So nothing but masturbating?

Natsume: I don't masturbate. What I did on video was my first time.

Interviewer: Really? (laughs)

Natsume: The director was really surprised too. He was telling me how even little kids masturbate nowadays.

Interviewer: So how did it feel when you did it?

Natsume: Good. I was thinking about experimenting with it a bit more, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

Interviewer: How about just getting a boyfriend?

Natsume: I do want one, but I'm busy with lots of stuff right now. I want to be alone at times, but I am I get lonely. I sometimes keep the TV and lights on when I go to sleep.

Interviewer: So you ever want to get married?

Natsume: No. I do want kids though.

Interviewer: What kinds of guys are you attracted to?

Natsume: No one too rich, but not too poor either. It's okay to be poor but to show it is a bit...you know how some people try to get others to treat them out and stuff because they have no money? I hate those type of people. I also want someone who's more mature than I am. Interviewer: Like who, for example?

Natsume: Ray Sefo

Interviewer: Ah, the K-1 fighter. What part of a man do you find the most attractive?

Natsume: His beard and his chest.

Interviewer: See, that's the exact same reason why guys like to stare at your breasts.

Natsume: I sympathize.

Interviewer: Now to switch topics...you've been on some late night shows in Osaka?

Natsume: On Girls' File and Cure Sick Night.

Interviewer: It's too bad that only people living in the Kansai Area can tune in.

Natsume: Yeah...oh, I did so some Internet stuff though.

Interviewer: What do you think is the thing that stands out of the most in your debut video?

Natsume: Just how embarrassed I look during the entire thing.

Interviewer: I remember there's this scene where the director tells you to take off your panties with your mini-skirt still on, and then tells you to sit down and spread your legs...

Natsume: Yeah, I was about to cry right there.

Interviewer: You looked okay when I was on set, but I guess you really were embarrassed.

INatsume: guess it'll wear off as I do more videos. So if anything, I think it'll be the big thing that sets the debut video apart.

Interviewer: You're signed up for 6 tapes at the moment, right?

Natsume: Yeah, but I plan on doing more. I'll probably stick with SOD the entire way though.

Interviewer: Demand all the way, I see.

Natsume: I get the feeling that they'll give me a lot of flexibility with the type of work I'll be doing. I think I'm suited to it. It's just like what it says on the video's back cover. I'm a girl who likes to experience a lot of things and I like how doing this type of work seems to kindle feelings that I've forgotten. Like yesterday, I was crying by the end of the event. All that pent up nervousness just came out all out once.

Interviewer: I hope your fans can see that side of you soon.

Natsume: Yeah.

Interviewer: So is there a specific goal for your AV career?

Natsume: Just to go up as high as possible.

Interviewer: So you think that you started on your goal when you saw Ai Kurosawa take the award for outstanding actress yesterday?

Natsume: I haven't even started. I don't think I can even think in those terms until I get to a point where I can do all the types of things that I'm expected to do. I want to make videos that my fans will be thrilled to jerk off to.

Interviewer: ...although you don't masturbate yourself.

Natsume: I will from now on. I was thinking about buying a vibrator on the way back, actually...


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