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Japanese AV Idol Interviews

Manatsu Hirose Interview

"It all began when an AV scout came up to me."

My ex-boyfriend liked AVs and he'd always have a bunch in his room and we'd watch them together.

Though it may sound a bit weird, I've always thought that Maiko Yuki looked really cute. So I guess I've always had an interest in being an AV gal. But the scouts around town were all losers and if you asked about the details, they would tell me that even if I starred in their AV I wouldn't become a real actress, so I didn't want to go along with them. But then someone came up to me and just told me "I'm a scout for AVs and..." and because he was so straight forward about it, I decided to hear him out. I had a test filming soon afterwards and then my debut was decided. Because I was ready for what I was going to do, I don't recall being really nervous at that time.


"I hate when people try to pick me up. I won't do it with people I don't know."

Though I did just say that I've had sex with a lot of people, I don't like it when people try to pick me up or when people go to clubs just to get laid. I can't just do it with someone that I don't know. A common pattern with me was that since I've had quite a few male friends I'd have sex with the ones that I trusted. People who cheat on their girlfriends really piss me off though. If that happened to me I'd cheat back on him. But there are people who never cheat on their girlfriends. That type gets to me too and I'd end up going out with them.

"I like to lecture my boyfriends! Especially when it comes time to eat."

I always pay close attention to the way my boyfriends eat when we eat together. I usually say things without holding back so I end up saying things like "Don't make sounds when you chew!" or "Hold the rice bowl with your left hand properly!" My family's always been strict about such things so I get stressed out whenever I see people not doing it properly. I know that many people will think of me as being old fashioned because of that but I think it's important.

"I use a vibrator when I'm alone!"

I don't masturbate often but my boyfriend likes to use a vibrator on me as part of foreplay, and he hasn't stopped even after I began to do videos. There's quite a few of my friends who use vibrators between couples as well. I like vibrators, though it could be due to all the videos I've shot so far.


"I'm conservative during sex so it's really hard during filming!"

I only have sex with my boyfriend in my private life but you can't have it that way in videos. So it's hard for me to do stuff like threesomes. I don't really get much pleasure out of it because I'm panicking deep inside. And I always get so wet at the end. I guess it is arousing, but I don't think it really feels all that great. The male actors have been trained for such things, but I don't think people should copy them. You can't have sex with your girlfriend if you hurt her insides, after all. I like to have sex in a relaxed settng so I don't think I could have sex outside. I did enjoy it a bit, but I didn't like either. I don't think I could do a assault scene, but I am interested in doing a lesbian scene. It's not something I'd be able to do outside of film, after all.

"I doubt I'd be doing this type of work for that long."

Since this type of work is all about popularity, I doubt I'd be able to keep it up all that long. I'm an AV gal right now so I'll just do my best for now. I was really able to relax during my debut work because the make up artist during then was a really fun woman to be with. I've done over 10 films so far and I think it's greatly due to her that I've gone this far. I also want to meet some of my fans sometime since I've never done a signing event.


Manatsu's Data Room

Hobby: Snowboarding, Taking pictures.

Favorite Sport: Basketball

Favorite Music: Anything I like

Favorite Movie Maker: Disney

Favorite Food: Hamburger

Favorite Flower: Gerbera

Favorite Type of Clothing: Casual/easy to move in

Hirose Manatsu's Vital Statistics

Hair: I've never grown my hair all the way down. I do often bunch them up though.

Ears: They're small, aren't they? I have 1 earring on my right ear and 2 in my left.

Eyes: I really hate how I get bags under my eyes if I don't get enough sleep.

Nose: It's short and pretty round. I'd say that's my weak point right there. Lips: They're small, but I can still give a blow job.

Face: I think it's well balanced over all. I don't like my nose much, but I guess I can't have everything. Breasts: I think they're the perfect size.

Arms: I take good care of them, but I get a bit worried about how bony they are. I try my best to keep them looking nice. Navel: It's a bit on the round side. I like it when people say it looks cute.

Back: I don't have much in the way of body hair. Pubic area: They're a bit on the light side. So I don't have to worry about them sticking out, but it gets a bit embarrassing when we film.

Ass: People often compliment that have I have nice butt. But since I can't see it, I'm not sure how I should react.

Legs: I walk often so they're well toned. I guess I like exercise.

First Love: Age 4

First Experience: Age 15

Total Number of Partners: 20

Youngest Partner: Age 15

Eldest Partner: Age 26

Sensitive Spot: Nipples

Favorite Position: Missionary

Average Sleeping Time: 5 hours

Highest Education Completed: High School


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