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Japanese AV Idol Interviews

Maiko Kazano Interview


Maiko: The type of men I like are men who are kind!

Interviewer:What do you do when you're not working?

Maiko: I'm usually sleeping. That and since I'm technically a college student I go to classes...

Interviewer:You don't like wandering around town?

Maiko: I'll go out if someone asks me, but I'm not the type to go out by myself. I'm the passive type.

Interviewer:Do you have fun in college?

Maiko: Yeah, school is a lot of fun. Much better than in high school.

Interviewer:Why didn't you attend classes in high school?

Maiko: I didn't have any friends (laughs). I went to a girl's school but the girls there were all a bit stuck up. They would all form little groups and fight amongst each other. So they treated you like dirt if you weren't part of their group and so... for example, if you ticked off someone in a group they'd tell everyone to not to talk to you. So there were always 2-3 girls in every class that were picked on.

Interviewer:So you don't have any friends?

Maiko: It's not that I don't have any, it's just that I don't have a lot of them (laughs). I don't like hanging out in large groups. I mean, don't you think that large groups is a pain? I mean, if you had 30 friends you'd have to spend an entire month to meet each one. I don't think you need that many.

Interviewer:Well, then how about a boyfriend?

Maiko: That I really want (laughs).

Interviewer:What type of guys do you like?

Maiko: Men who are kind. Men who take care of everything besides just his girlfriend. I don't care what that other thing is; it could be his job or a hobby. I just think that a guy who only thinks of his girl is limiting his outlook on the world, which would also cause his girlfriend's outlook to become limited as well.

Interviewer:How many men have you been in relationships with so far?

Maiko: Who knows? That's my secret to keep!

Interviewer:I'm sure you meet a lot of people while you work. Have you gotten friendly with any of them?

Maiko: I do now. I rarely talked on the set when I started out. I complain more often now that I'm used to the work, hehehe. I mean, you feel like complaining if you actually know the people who are shooting you, don't you? Ahahaha. In a way, complaining also means that I trust the staff to do what's right.

Interviewer: Has there ever been a cameraman you didn't like?

Maiko: (Looks at the cameraman standing next to the interviewer) Yes!! (laughs).

Interviewer:How about anyone aside from the cameraman?

Maiko: There are tons. I mean, during work the entire staff is essentially my enemy. Hehe, of course I no longer care about that by the time we're done. It's only during the shooting that I have such thoughts. I mean, I guess it's their job.

Interviewer:Do you have something you want to do in the future?

Maiko: I just want to try lots of things for now. I mean, I can only do this line of work while I'm still young. I want to do see how far I can get before I have to retire.


Interviewer:Do you get worried before you pose for nude shots?

Maiko: I did before, but now I have a lot of fun.

Interviewer:How about photos in general?

Maiko: I guess I'll have to lean toward the "hate" side on that one (laughs).


Interviewer:But isn't it tough to keep doing something you don't like?

Maiko: ...well, the main reason I don't like photos is that I hate it when I come out ugly. But there are times when I see really pretty photos that I'm glad I did them. I mean, if you're born a girl, you have to make the most of your weapons (laughs).

Interviewer:What got you started in this work anyway?

Maiko: A friend of mine introduced me. She did this work too and she told me that it was good money (laughs).

Interviewer:Do you want to get married?

Maiko: Yes. I definitely want to get married. Hopefully before I turn 25.

Interviewer:What part of your body do you consider as your charm point?

Maiko: People often tell me that it's my breasts, but there are so many girls out there with bigger breasts than mine.



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