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Japanese AV Idol Interviews

Mai Hagiwara Interview

Interviewer: What brought you into this business?

Mai: I was into my fourth month as a first year high school student when a scout named Shimizu Kaori approached me, told me I was cute, and asked if I ever thought about being in magazines.

Interviewer: What do you want most?

Mai: Money.

Interviewer: What would you like to do most, right now?

Mai: Get laid. Ha Ha.

Interviewer: What kind of guy do you go for?

Mai: One that?s faithful.

Interviewer: What kind do you avoid?

Mai: I hate liars.

Interviewer: When did you have your first kiss?

Mai: It was the summer of my first year in middle school. I was at the beach and got French-kissed by this blonde (dyed) surfer guy.

Interviewer: Do you have any hobbies? What are you into these days?

Mai: I collect perfume. Girls love to collect lots of different things.

Interviewer: How long was your shortest relationship?

Mai: One month.

Interviewer: How about your longest one?

Mai: One year.

Interviewer: How many times have perverts accosted you on trains?

Mai: About five times. The first time was when I was in my first year of elementary school.

Interviewer: What are the chances of you appearing in an adult video?

Mai: Ninety-nine point five percent.

Interviewer: What do you think about before bed these days?

Mai: I?m so busy, I think about how sleepy I am.

Interviewer: What part-time jobs have you held in the past?

Mai: Well, I?ve worked at a convenience store, McDonalds, a rice shop, and as one of those people who stands around handing out flyers.

Interviewer: Any hopes of getting married?

Mai: Nope. Come on, that?s gonna be impossible (laughs).

Interviewer: How many children do you want?

Mai: I don?t want ANY.

Interviewer: What do you enjoy about the photo shoots?

Mai: I have a compatibility with the cameramen.

Interviewer: What are your favorite foods?

Mai: I like sushi, gratin dishes and pizza.

Interviewer: What food do you dislike?


Mai: I hate Natto (fermented beans). (She?s from Osaka)
Note: It is a common belief/stereotype in Japan that the people from Osaka do not like Natto.

Interviewer: When talking to someone for the first time, what are you most conscious of?

Mai: I look at their eyes. I search inside a person.

Interviewer: Would you like to say a few words to Wisdom Publishing?

Mai: Even though you guys are editors, you?re pretty hot!

Interviewer: Is there anyone you like right now?

Mai: Yeah. Mr. Ogihara.

Interviewer: What magazine do you not want to make an appearance in?

Mai: Oshiri (Ass) Club Magazine.

Interviewer: Are you good at sports?

Mai: I?m good at swimming.

Interviewer: Ever had an experience with the supernatural: UFOs, ghosts and such?

Mai: In the spring of my first year of middle school I felt kaneshibari (waking in bed to find yourself immobile yet cognizant as if being held down by supernatural forces).

Interviewer: What was the largest age gap between you and a boyfriend?

Mai: Ten years.

Interviewer: How old were you then?

Mai: I was 17 and he was 27.

Interviewer: Please describe the layout of your home.

Mai: I live in the same place that Anzai Hiroko used to live. It?s only one room but it?s huge. It looks clean on the outside but it?s a mess on the inside. There?s mildew building up.

Interviewer: What do you wear to bed?

Mai: I sleep naked.

Interviewer: What?s the first thing you think about when you wake up?

Mai: Lunch.

Interviewer: Are there times when you think that you?re still a child?

Mai: Yeah. Whenever my stomach hurts or I catch a cold, I really miss my parents.

Interviewer: After writing all this how do you feel?

Mai: I?m tired. It?s 3 o?clock in the morning.

Interviewer: What will become of Hagiwara Mai after this?

Mai: I want you to make me a hit.


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