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Japanese AV Idol Interviews

Kaera Uehara Interview

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Kaera Uehara is an extremely sexy and beautiful actress who first started out in AV under the name of "Mari Misaki 美咲マリ" with H.M.P studios back in year 2008. The quick name change occured before Kaera, Hikaru Wakana and Serina Hayakawa were cast in the chinese erotic movie "The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks" an adaption of the classic Chinese novel Jing Ping. Right after the movie was released in Asia, the three actresses' popularity skyrockted to unbelievable heights. Kaera worked under the management of RIZECubic.

In this 2010 interview, Kaera is accompanied by her manager.

Interviewer: Nice to meet you, how did you become an AV actress?
Kaera Uehara: I was actually shopping in Roppongi that day and a scout discovered me for modelling work. At first, I did many modeling photoshoots, but step by step, I transitioned to become an AV Actress.

Interviewer: Initially, you started off using the name Mari Misaki, a beautiful name, why did you change to Kaera Uehara later?
Kaera Uehara: (looking at her manager) Can I answer this? (Her manager nods yes). I started my career as Mari Misaki, but somehow my popularity drops right after my AV debut. Later the management decided to re-package everything, as well as my name to Kaera Uehara.
At the right timing, a Hong Kong film company casted me for “The Forbidden Legend Sex & Chopsticks”, and after that it was my Ideapocket debut. How did you know my previous name, you are very good!
Interviewer: (Thinking to himself, Wikipedia Japan)

Interviewer: So Kaera, which part of your body do you think is the sexiest?
Kaera Uehara: But of course, my tiny beautiful butt! I really love the curves of my butt.
Interviewer: (Thinking to himself, I think her butt is simply magical, any man who comes close to her butt will just instantly jizz)

Interviewer: This is your last years in the industry, what is the most challenging subject you want to work in?
Kaera Uehara: I’m always sexually attracted to the 'elder or young sister video' themes. But if possible, I want to perform in “big sister loves little brother” story line, or some taboo lewd relationship theme.

Interviewer: Are there any certain video genres you will not do?
Kaera Uehara: Gang bang, or big orgy. I really don’t like to do those types of videos.

Interviewer: In your last year, what major changes did you have?
Kaera Uehara: I think you can not work in this field forever, and people change over time. That is why I always cherish all the opportunities that is given, and I want to try something else other than AV.

Interviewer: Than what are your future career plans?
Kaera Uehara: I want to open up a company and be president of it, if possible, I would like to have my clothing brand, or just a small bar. It doesn’t matter what the business is, I just want to open up a business and be the boss.

Interviewer: So who is your best friend in the AV industry?
Kaera Uehara: It would have to be Jessica Kizaki, she is very nice friend.

Interviewer: If it is the end of the world, will you spend the rest of the time with me?
Kaera Uehara: Off course.




Click here for more Kaera Uehara media at JSexNetwork


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