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Japanese AV Idol Interviews

Honoka Asami Interview: Conducted by female interviewer Momo Watanabe.

Honoka: It hurts when someone sticks it in, and it also hurts when they pull out! You know, it's like they're using that thing to squeeze my private parts together...

Momo:Hahahaha! (laughs)

Honoka: It's like it gets stuck! (laughs). It's a bit looser now though.

Momo: Oh... so do guys tell you that you're tight?

Honoka: Yep (laughs).

Momo: That's good~!

Honoka: Well, I don't want to get too serious about this, but I think my vagina itself is pretty small.

Momo: Well, I'm sure it'd cause problems if it was too small to even stick something in, but shouldn't it be fine otherwise?

Honoka: ...I guess so (embarrassed laughter).

Momo: Then... I guess anything too thick won't go in?

Honoka: I'm not really sure, since I haven't done it with anyone that I thought was too thick, but I do like the feeling of its hardness when it goes in (laughs).

Momo: ...Yes, that's important! Essential! (laughs).

Honoka: There's no point in having a dick no matter how big it is if it isn't hard!

Momo: Yep, no point at all!

Honoka: Men get harder just when they're about to come, right?

Momo: Right, that's because it feels good, isn't it?

Honoka: Yeah! I wish they were that hard all the time. Do the sizes of dicks really differ that much from person to person?

Momo: Of course! Some men are really small! Like the size of my thumb! (laughs as she sticks her thumb out.)

Honoka: Really!? I do like my thumb but if that was a penis I don't think I'd like it much (laughs).

Momo: Hahahaa! (laughs). It's so weird. So does that mean that you come through the motion of the penis alone?

Honoka: Yep (laughs).

Momo: Wow! Amazing! (laughs). I couldn't do that until I was over twenty.

Honoka: Really?

Momo: Yep... yep.

Honoka: I think that's how I always was.

Momo: From the start? (Startled) I think that's a bit uncommon! Did any of your friends say that to you?

Honoka: Yeah, they do. Most of my friends come from the clitoris.

Momo: That I can understand. I mean, I think that's how most girls start out.

Honoka: I guess so (laughs). I like my clit too, but it's even better when it's inside me.

Momo: Seriously? Like around where? Are you talking about that G-spot? (laughs).

Honoka: Anywhere as long as it's inside, hehe.

Momo: But doesn't it hurt a bit once they get really deep inside you?

Honoka: Only when I'm not feeling well (laughs).

Momo: And it's okay when you're feeling okay?

Honoka: Definitely! (laughs).

Momo: Ah, I see. I think women who're like you are rare though. A lot of girls come up to me and tell me that they've never come.

Honoka: Really! (startled). You know, I used to get really wet before I came...

Momo: Seriously?

Honoka: Really! From what I hear, you get more wet when you're younger!

Momo: Is that really true? (laughter)

Honoka: You wouldn't believe how wet I got the first time I did it.

Momo: It just splashed out? (laughs).

Honoka: It made a spot this big (makes a large circle with both arms) on my bed!

Momo: Wow! That's like a small pond!

Honoka: I know! But now it's only this much (makes a much smaller circle).

Momo: Oh, I see... actually, I don't (laughs).

Honoka: When you first do it, you don't think that you'd get that wet, do you?

Momo: But you did know what getting wet meant?

Honoka: Of course not!

Momo: So you didn't know (laughs).

Honoka: The guys that I did it with back then were like "Did something come out just now?" (laughs).

Momo: But aren't there times when you don't realize that you're wet?

Honoka: Sometimes. But most of the time it was like "Here it comes! Here it comes!"

Momo: I know what you mean! And then you're like "I'm coming!" (laughs).

Honoka: Exactly (laughs).

Momo: Does that happen to you all the time?

Honoka: Not all the time, but almost all (laughs). But the first time I did it I didn't realize what happened so I was just like "Well...that was weird".

Momo: Like, "What's this? What's this?" (laughs).

Honoka: Right (laughs). I remember wiping it away with a tissue and... you know how it has no color?

Momo: It doesn't smell like anything either. The only way you know is that the bed sheets are wet.

Honoka: That's what I mean. So I was like "Where did all this come from!?" at first (laughs). I think the amount came out the first time I did it.

Momo: I think it feels the best the first time you do it. There's that feeling of your entire body feeling good, and you feel it all over your body. So you get turned on the most the first time... wait, I'm making myself depressed (laughs).

Honoka: Hehehe (laughs).

Momo: So, when did all this happen?

Honoka: When I was sixteen.

Momo: Really? That's before me! (laughs).

Honoka: But you know, a lot of guys I went out with got angry with me.

Momo: Why? You're such a great girl...

Honoka: Well, I don't want to sound cold, but I usually don't do anything with my boyfriend in my normal daily life. I don't call them or e-mail them at all.

Momo: So you're not the type to go crazy over a guy.

Honoka: I really don't know what to do when someone tells me to "act more like ___".

Momo: Why not??

Honoka: Well, I don't want to say yes and then not be able to do it. I don't want to make any promises that I can't keep.

Momo: ...You know, you're a lot more cool headed than you look.

Honoka: ...I guess so (worried). Maybe I'm not cut out for relationships.

Momo: What are you saying! You have a full patch of hair down there, you're responsible, you have big breasts... you're like the perfect girl! I wish I could make you mine!

Honoka: Thanks. But I think I'd rather have a guy as my lover (laughs).

Momo: You sure? (laughs)... but I'm still happy that I was able to get my feelings across (with a serious face).

Honoka and Momo: Hahahahaha (laughs).


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