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Japanese AV Idol Interviews

Hitomi Hasegawa Interview

Hitomi has a cute face but she likes to masturbate and have sex. Says that she was happy that she got vibrator from work because her's was broken.

Interviewer: So what caused you to make your debut?

Hitomi: I was scouted.

Interviewer: How did they approach you?

Hitomi: A really polite person came up to me and said "I'm terribly sorry, but would you be willing to at least listen to what I have to say?"

Interviewer:So you decided to listen to him because he was so polite?

Hitomi: Yes. He was so polite for someone his age.

Interviewer:You're pretty weak against people like that?

Hitomi: A little (laughs).

Interviewer:So you don't like forceful people?

Hitomi: Wouldn't you hate a forceful scout? Anyway, I just thought that he was a nice person at the time.

Interviewer:And you decided to do it right away?

Hitomi: I went to their office the day after and listened to what they had to say, and then I asked them to give me some time to think about it... and the next thing I knew we were already talking the work...

Interviewer:When were you scouted?

Hitomi: They scouted me back in December, but I spent about 3 mouths thinking it over...

Interviewer:Did you spend the 3 months asking around for advice?

Hitomi: I bought a lot of magazines and did some research on my own... as to what type of world I'd be entering. It was so interesting that I ended up becoming a frequent reader (laughs).

Interviewer:So did you film a video yet? How was it?

Hitomi: I was very nervous. But I had a lot of fun and I found myself thinking about a lot of things afterwards, so much that I gave myself a fever, like a sensory overload.

Interviewer:A sensory overload?

Hitomi: Yeah, I fell asleep right after I got back home (laughs). Still, it was a lot of fun. Probably the most fun I've had in all the things I've experienced so far.

Interviewer:What was fun about it?

Hitomi: There were so many people there. It was fun to be in the center of all that... it was like the viewpoint of my world had changed (laughs).

Interviewer:Do you like to have sex?

Hitomi: Err, I guess...I do (laughs).

Interviewer:How many people have you done it with?

Hitomi: Seven. I only do it with people I go out with, and once I do, our relationship usually lasts a long time.

Interviewer:When was your first time?

Hitomi: Thirteen.

Interviewer:Thirteen... you mean in your 2nd year of Jr. High? Isn't that way too early!?

Hitomi: I guess it is, since no else around me had done it (laughs).

Interviewer:So how was it like the first time?

Hitomi: We used to kiss and stuff while back at home, and after about a month he wasn't satisified with just a kiss and he put his hand on my hips and asked "Can I do it?", and then he put it in me... but he didn't have a condom at the time so we got scared and stopped. We did it again later with a condom, but he couldn't come with it on...so it wasn't until the third time we did it that he came...and it was also the first time I thought "Wow, this is a great thing".

Interviewer:You experienced pleasure only on your third time!? But didn't it feel a bit weird the first time?

Hitomi: Yes, it did. We went to go buy some food afterwards and I was thinking, "I feel a little weird".

Interviewer:That's a pretty realistic telling of your experience (laughs). So, how did you feel about your first time?

Hitomi: I was surprised that it didn't hurt that much. I was just like, "Hey, it went in".

Interviewer:Oh, so you were soaking wet before he even put it inside you?

Hitomi: Who knows? (laughs) But it didn't really hurt at all.

Interviewer:So I guess that's just how your body was at the time (laughs). Don't people make a big deal out of stories about sex when they're in Jr. High? Did you tell anyone about it?

Hitomi: They do, but I got the feeling that felt too real when I said it...and I'd feel crude if I said too much about it (laughs). They'd say that I was weird or something. Everyone's so interested about it becasuse they're still virgins, and I was as if I broke their idealized view of it.

Interviewer:What do you mean by talking "too real"?

Hitomi: They asked me how I position myself during sex, so I showed them, then they'd tell me that I was over doing it. They'd even go up to my boyfriend and tell him "Your girl's over doing it. Tell her to stop."

Interviewer:You showed them while you were in front of your boyfriend?

Hitomi: Yeah, it felt natural at the time (laughs).

Interviewer:By the way, what type of guys do you like?

Hitomi: I like people who just get along with me naturally. Someone who doesn't push himself because he's with me.

Interviewer:And what about guys you don't like?

Hitomi: Guys that don't understand when other people are hurt.

Interviewer:There are people like that?

Hitomi: There are a lot of them. I don't mean to bring down the tone of the interview, but I don't seem to have any luck with men.

Interviewer:But you said that you have long relationship with them.

Hitomi: I just can't leave them alone. It's probably going to sound funny if I say it now, but I'm the type who goes along with whatever they say, so they usually take advantage of me, and all sorts of things would happen (laughs).

Interviewer:All sorts of things?

Hitomi: I almost got killed a few times (laughs). One of the guys I used to go out with wouldn't let me out of the house and whenever I wanted to go out he had to be there with me. I once went out with my friend and he was so angry when I came back, that he pulled me into his car and he drove me to a graveyard.... (laughs).

Interviewer:Oh man. Anything else?

Hitomi: I also got stalked once. I broke up with one of my boyfriends because he cheated on me and then he came up to me the next day and handed over three of his dairies to me and said "You only know feigned love and feigned friendship" and "I am the only one that can save you". He even came to my house and said "I have something to tell your parents" and he forced his way into my house, bowed to my mom and said "She's being used by the other people, but I'll do my best to set her straight." My mom got so shocked that I became the bad guy.

Interviewer:What did your parents say?

Hitomi: That making a man cry was the worst thing a girl could do. They told me to get out! (laughs).

Interviewer:So they believed the guy (laughs).

Hitomi: Yeah, his acting was unbelievable... I felt like I got totally tricked (laughs). I tried to explain it to my parents but they decided that it was too much of a pain to get involved in it. That made me really sad (laughs). But he was a bit of a coward so when some of my male friends stopped by later, they told him to stop and he he did (laughs).

Interviewer:So you've only been seeing guys like that, for long periods, no less.

Hitomi: Very long. But the moment they tell me that "I love you" I...

Interviewer:I guess it's hard to say no to them.

Hitomi: It really is. I fall in love with them the moment they tell me that they love me.

Interviewer:Then what would you do if one of your fans came up to you and said "I love you, please go out with me?"

Hitomi: I wonder that myself (laughs). But I really think that'd cause a lot of problems, since I'll really get into the relationship... it'll get pretty dangerous.


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