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Japanese AV Idol Interviews

Hikari Kisugi Interview


Hikari: I worked at a large company when I first came to Tokyo but I quit because I hated the job. I then went to the cabaret to find a job. One of the workers I met there introduced me to a scout. They told me that it was a job that paid well.

Interviewer: Did you like working at the cabaret?

Hikari: I didn't hate it, but we're just there for show so we couldn't talk to the customers much.

Interviewer: How did they react when you told them that you didn't want to do AVs?

Hikari: They all looked at me weird. But I didn't want to do it at the time. I thought it was all run by the Yakuza.

Interviewer: Like you'll be sold to the Philippines?

Hikari: Right. I was scared that I wouldn't be able to quit even if I wanted or that scary people will be filming me.

Interviewer: Oh, so you can't run away?

Hikari: Right. That's exactly what I thought (laughs). You wouldn't believe how fast my heart was pacing the first time I was in a shoot.

Hikari: You know, I don't like people that are large.

Interviewer: Hmm? Are you talking about a man's tool?

Hikari: No, I mean the dick (laughs).

Interviewer: Does it hurt if it's too big?

Hikari: It hurts if it's too bad that I get sick. I have to tell them when it's okay to continue.

Interviewer: That must be tough on men with large penises. They can't just thrust in and out.

Hikari: Oh, that and people who are too long.

Interviewer: So first it's thick and now it's long?

Hikari: Oh, I mean in terms of time.

Interviewer: Oh, so you're not talking about the size of the penis. Hahaha. So what do you like?

Hikari: Well... average.

Interviewer: And to be more specific?

Hikari: I like my clitoris.

Interviewer: So you like it when a guy rubs your clit as he thrusts?

Hikari: Not really.

Interviewer: Which would mean that you can come from just the thrusts.

Hikari: Correct.

She told me that she had sex with about twenty men since high school. The oldest person she slept with was "A bit over twenty". She also told me that she liked men with their hair dyed blond.

Interviewer: What about blond hair is it that you like?

Hikari: It looks cool. They also have that playboy feel to them.

Interviewer: Did a lot of men use you?

Hikari: It did happen pretty often. I felt like I was being just played around with but they always denied it.

Interviewer: I doubt anyone would actually go and say "Of course I'm playing with you!"

Hikari: Anyway, most of the relationships I've been in I've been played around with.

Interviewer: So I guess breaking up weren't all that tough on you?

Hikari: Yep.

Interviewer: So you both got sick of each other at around the same time?

Hikari: Yep.

Interviewer: So in a way, you both played around with each other?

Hikari: No, I wasn't playing around.

Interviewer: No, it sounds like you were.

Hikari: No I wasn't (laughs).

Interviewer: Have you ever cheated on your boyfriend?

Hikari: Just once. It was right before we were going to break up.

Interviewer: How about while you were both crazy for each other?

Hikari: Never.

Although she never talked like a bad girl in the AVs, that's definitely the feeling I got while I talked to her. Of course, that made me like her even more. However, hearing her talk about sex made me think that she was also just a normal girl.

Interviewer: Have you done any cosplaying when you have sex?

Hikari: No. I did have sex in my school uniform when I was in high school though...

Interviewer: Well, that doesn't count since you were in high school.

Hikari: But the person I did it with wasn't a high school student. He told me that he wanted to feel like he was doing it with a high school girl.

Interviewer: I do understand how he feels. So without taking anything off?

Hikari: Just normally.


Interviewer: Did you think that he was a freak in your mind?

Hikari: No, I didn't think that at all.

Interviewer: What if he asked if you could wear your gym uniform?

Hikari: That would get to me.

Interviewer: I understand how you feel, but a lot of guys want to try it at least once. Didn't any of the guys you knew ask?

Hikari: No. They were all normal people.

Interviewer: ...and you did it on the bed. The hotel beds are pretty comfortable.


Hikari: It's really nice.

Interviewer: They change the sheets everyday too. How about you in your private life?

Hikari: I change my sheets twice a year.

Interviewer: Don't you like your bed? Wouldn't it feel better without all that sweat on it?

Hikari: No, I don't really care either way. It's not until summer I do it. I mean, that's when you really sweat (laughs).

Interviewer: But I bet your sheets get really smelly after a whole six months.

Hikari: No they're not!

Interviewer: That's probably because it's your own smell. I bet you would complain if the same thing happened at someone else's house.

Hikari: Yeah, that would really stink (laughs). I don't really care how dirty a guy's room is when I visit. I don't think of anything that the person I love touched as dirty.

Interviewer: Do you share your bed with your boyfriend often?

Hikari: I haven't had a boyfriend since I've come to Tokyo... which would be the past ten months.

Interviewer: I see. You do change sheets if you had sex, right?

Hikari: No.

Interviewer: ...okay, fine. If you see pubic hair lying around your sheets, do you wonder whose it is?

Hikari: Ahaha, I still don't!

Interviewer: Even if I took masking tape and ripped out lobs of them?

Hikari: My room is sorta like that though. I think I have a thicker patch than most people.

Interviewer: Doesn't it piss you off when you see pubic hair around the toilet bowl though?

Hikari: That's how mine is! (laughs).

Interviewer: WHAT!? Are you serious?!

Hikari: I really don't mind at all. It's just a small shower stall so they all get mixed up with my hair.

Interviewer: Oh, so they get washed away when you're taking a shower.

Hikari: It sometimes gets stuck on the drain though.

Interviewer: What do mean, "It get stuck"? Go clean it up!

Hikari: I clean my room. I don't really care about the bathroom.

Interviewer: So anyway, why don't you have a boyfriend right now?

Hikari: I can't seem to find one.

Interviewer: I'm sure you can if you try. How about you trying to pick them up?

Hikari: That I can't do.

Interviewer: Then how about confessing your feelings to the person you like?

Hikari: That I can do.

Interviewer: So there's no one around you that you really like?

Hikari: Yeah. I just can't seem to like anyone.

Interviewer: If you don't mind the smell of your sheets... does that mean you have some sort of a smell fetish?

Hikari: Only if it's the smell of someone I love.

Interviewer: So what if the person you liked forced you to smell his arm pits?

Hikari: Heck no. I'll be really pissed off!

Interviewer: I bet yours is smelly too.

Hikari: Yeah, it's smelly.

Interviewer: Phew. So what do you like in your men?

Hikari: I like hairy men. I don't like chest hair, but hairy arms drive me wild.

Interviewer: Think you're a bit of a masochist?

Hikari: I don't think I have any inclinations on that side.

Interviewer: What position to do like?

Hikari: Missionary.

Interviewer: Any position you hate?

Hikari: When I'm on top. I can't move around much.

Interviewer: You look very fit though.

Hikari: I'm bad at it. I don't even do it on tape.

Interviewer: Do you masturbate?

Hikari: Nope.

Interviewer: But it's so easy. You just touch your clit for a few minutes and it's over. Probably easier than cleaning the bathroom.

Hikari: Hahaha. I do sometimes want sex friends though.

Interviewer: Hey, that's easy. Just get some young guys from the office to come home with you. Every night.

Hikari: I don't want to do it with someone I know. Maybe if it's someone that's trying to pick me up. Unfortunately, people don't try to pick me up often.



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