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Japanese AV Idol Interviews

Azusa Kawai Interview
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"When I was an office lady, I went to a hotel with my company uniform on to do it with my boyfriend"

She is quiet, serious adult. That's what we thought in our interview. However, could that be the real Azusa Kawai? Enjoy a lively talk. You never know what she is gonna say


Azusa: I must have good timing. If I hadn't been scouted at that time, I may never have done this work.

Interviewer:Good work in the cover shoot. You must be tired. (the interview was after the photo session)

Azusa: Hey, no problem.

Interviewer:You are good at posing and making expressions. How many times have you done cover shoots?

Azusa: I have done quite a few. I must be used to it by now.

Interviewer:It was all still shots. But you are great at moving, too.

Azusa: Oh. Thanks!

Interviewer:Say, when did you debut in videos, Azusa?

Azusa: The end of May. In a video from Atlas 21.

Interviewer:And how many since your debut?

Azusa: We finished filming eight. The ninth starts pretty soon.

Interviewer:Your sixth was just released in October.

Azusa: That's right. From Max A. The seventh was from KUKI and the eighth is from Japan Home Video. The ninth will be from Atlas again.

Interviewer:So, why did you enter the business?

Azusa: I was scouted in Shinagwa after work.

Interviewer:After work? So you were an OL?

Azusa: Yep. I wasn't doing so well at work when I was scouted. I usually just brush them off, but that time I was in the mood to listen.

Interviewer:Good timing on the part of that scout.

Azusa: Life is all timing. If I hadn't listened to his talk then, I wouldn't be here today. I was really hating the financial world at that point. That made me what I am today.

Interviewer:You didn't like your OL work?

Azusa: It was uninteresting and hard. On top of that, the salary was poor. And I didn't get along with people at work. I would have become a very dark person if I continued. However, I had nothing else to do if I quit then.

Interviewer: Did you make your decision to join the industry as soon as you were scouted?

Azusa: Yes. For some reason, it was a smooth transition. I had no resistance. It was the opposite of the life I was leading at the time. I was also really interested in seeing that life. We were taking demo photos the next day.

Interviewer: Wow. Instant decision. Were you nervous at your photo session?

Azusa: Really nervous. But the staff was really helpful in making it all go smoothly.

Interviewer:Did you have any problems quitting your job?

Azusa: I quit with no problems at the end of the year.


Interviewer: And magazine photo sessions started soon after?

Azusa: That's right. Right at the start of the year.

Interviewer:Were you nervous at your first full shoot?

Azusa: Yes. I wasn't doing very well at following instructions.

Interviewer:But weren't you even more nervous at your first video?

Azusa: I guess so. It didn't really hit me that it was real. It must have been hard on the director and producer. I still cause problems today.

Interviewer:How was that?

Azusa: I am not good at letting them know what I can and can't do. It often comes up that the situation is different than I imagine. I get so nervous that I screw up. I learned that you have to let people know your opinion.

Interviewer:And you do that alright now?

Azusa: Yes. I am pretty much used to the work now. I can even make small talk with the actor. I didn't know how to approach the actor the first time. I was too nervous that I didn't feel anything. The director told me to just show what I was feeling but I got so stressed out the more I tried to do that. However, my body seems to have done OK on its own (laughs).

Interviewer:Your body reacted OK, huh?

Azusa: I guess so (laughs). Just the opposite of my mind. My heart eventually became happy too. Now I feel that first 'feeling check' shoot was so refreshing. I remember the director and actor looking worried after the shoot. They were willing to talk about it with me. The director was nice enough for the next shot to let it be with just me and the actor. The rest of the staff left the room. After that, it was all OK.

Interviewer:And did it feel good?

Azusa: Fortunately, yes.

Interviewer:Like when you do it in private?

Azusa: Private sex is something all together different. Even today.

Interviewer:Say, have you ever been given a pearl necklace in private?

Azusa: Not until I did it in a video. The guy I was with asked me to do it like in the video. So I have done it (laughs). But nobody who doesn't know my work has asked to do it.

Interviewer:When did your tits start getting big?

Azusa: My second or third year of junior high.

Interviewer:What was your size in junior high?

Azusa: C or D cup. The fist year I wore a sports bra, so I wasn't really aware of my size. The second year I was measured for the first time and it was C or D.


Interviewer:So, what sports did you do?

Azusa: I swam for three years in elementary school. But I don't do it any more?

Interviewer:I knew it was swimming!

Azusa: What?

Interviewer:There is data that proves that girls who swam during puberty and then quit get big tits.

Editor A: Come to think of it. Other AV girls were like that.

Azusa: You could say that swimming is a good bust building exercise.

Interviewer:Does your mother have large breasts, too?

Azusa: Not if you compare her to me. But she likes to say, "I also had big tits when I was young."


Azusa: She says that she could turn the head of any guy on the street.

Interviewer:What a character.

Azusa: Yeah. She talks about sex with dad to me too.

Interviewer:Great mom. Say, Azusa, what is your breast size?

Azusa: 97cm. F cup.

Interviewer:Is that the largest it has been?

Azusa: No. I was bigger when I entered the business. They have fallen a bit.

Interviewer:You lost weight?

Azusa: That's right, but only my breasts seem to get smaller.

Interviewer:Did the boys tease you about your breasts when you were in school?

Azusa: I wasn't very friendly with the boys at my school.

Interviewer:So you liked the boys from other schools?

Azusa: Yeah (laughs).

Interviewer:When was the first time you went out with a boy?

Azusa: My second year in junior high. An older boy from the same school.

Interviewer:Was that when you had your first sex?

Azusa: No. No. That wasn't until I was 17.

Interviewer:That is pretty late compared to other girls lately.

Azusa: I guess so. But the girls I hung around with were all pretty late. I think I was the first. Some girls are still virgins.

Interviewer:Was your first experience with your boyfriend?

Azusa: He was a pager friend. We ended up meeting just the two of us once. We started out just playing some games. I was nervous. 'Could this be the time?' I thought. Somehow we ended up in bed together.

Interviewer:Did it hurt?

Azusa: Not as much as my friends said it would. I tried it with a boy I was going out with in high school but it hurt a lot. I thought it would be OK to go without it all my life. When I really did it, it wasn't that bad. It did hurt a little, though.

Interviewer:You re-enacted a first experience in one of your videos, didn't you.

Azusa: Yep. I certainly re-enacted it (laughs).

Interviewer:Did you do it with that guy again?

Azusa: Yes. Once more, but I found someone I really liked later. We stopped contacting each other.

Interviewer:When was the first time you came when having sex?

Azusa: From the second time, sex started to feel good. I started to really cum after doing videos.

Interviewer:You came for the first time on video?

Azusa: No. It was in private. But in doing the videos, an actor showed me where I would feel good. So I tried to stimulate those areas during private sex.

Interviewer:Educated by AV actors, huh?

Azusa: Yeah. I can't say to a guy I am with in private, 'Not there, here!'. So I just move so that we are in the right position for maximum delight.

Interviewer:Of course actors are pros, so they are good at what they do. Your partner in private is just an amateur.

Azusa: The actors are amazing. They know just where it feels good. They get it right almost 100% of the time. Amazing...

Interviewer:So, you don't masturbate?

Azusa: No. I did it when I was young but I never masturbate to feel good any more. A guy I was with before said he wanted to see me do it, so I did it for the first time as an adult then.

Interviewer:You don't want to masturbate at times when you are really horny?

Azusa: I don't really have that long of a time between sex. My sex drive seems to decline after not doing it for a long time. So I don't turn to masturbation. I wonder what would happen if I denied the urge for a long time...

Interviewer:What about masturbation with adult toys?

Azusa: I'm not that interested in them. I did use a pink rotor in a video once. It felt pretty good. Vibrators are gross. It isn't flesh. So they are kind of scary.

Interviewer:You're right. They aren't flesh (laughs).

Azusa: It is just weird doing it with a non-living thing. Even using a rotor, I don't know where to touch that feels especially good. Guess I am not cut out for masturbation (laughs).

Interviewer:Have you done anything abnormal in private sex?

Azusa: I have done costume play. I did it in my uniform from my OL days.

Interviewer:Raw in the uniform. That is kinky! You do some costume playing in your videos too.

Azusa: Did it look fun? It really was. I like costumes.

Interviewer:Your acting was good, too.

Azusa: Really? Thank you. I was in drama in junior high. I will try even harder.

Interviewer:Getting back on the subject, tell us more about the time in your company uniform.

Azusa: I happened to bring it home once and the guy I was going out with at the time was with me. He asked me to put on my uniform. He got all excited with me in uniform.

Interviewer:I think that he was just waiting for you to put that on.

Azusa: You think so?

Interviewer:What was your favorite costume play in a video?

Azusa: Probably the nurse uniform. The dramatic setting was fun.

Interviewer:Where you get it from the patient?

Azusa: But the tide turns later and I do him (laughs).

Interviewer:Which of all your videos do you recommend?

Azusa: I thing that they just get better as I do them.

Interviewer:So you recommend your latest?

Azusa: Yeah, my lines don't sound like I am reading a script any more.

Interviewer:Changing the subject, what kind of men do you like?

Azusa: I don't have any set type. All the guys I have been with have been different. I don't have any specific preference in appearance or character. I just start to like them if we get along together.

Interviewer:Age isn't a problem for you either?

Azusa: I'm not real stuck up on age. But all the guys I have gone out with have been older men. Maybe I am passing over younger men unconsciously. I think I could love a younger man, though.

Interviewer:To finish off, let's hear your aspirations.

Azusa: I want to try my hardest while I am doing videos or still photo shoots. Everyone please cheer me on!

All the magazines ask about sex. We took a different approach with some questions you would hear in an idol magazine. The answers will surprise you.

It all started with a trip to Atlas 21 to borrow some pictures. It was there that I had a chance to meet Azusa Kawai in the flesh. Here is a bit of our conversation.

Interviewer:What are your hobbies?

Azusa: Karaoke, driving, and watching movies. Karaoke is mostly songs produced by Tsunku. Movies I normally see on video at home. And I don't have a car.

Interviewer:What are you good at?

Azusa: That must be swimming.

Interviewer:What are your favorite colors?

Azusa: Black and blue. They are relaxing colors.

Interviewer:What foods do you like the best?

Azusa: Yogurt and chocolate. I really like 'Loco' chocolate now.

Interviewer:What don't you like?

Azusa: Shiitake mushrooms. No matter how you fix them.

Interviewer:Favorite music?

Azusa: Anything Japanese.

Interviewer:What is your favorite movie?

Azusa: Titanic. No matter how many times I see it.

Interviewer:And books and magazines?

Azusa: Well, if I am in it, it is usually me having sex. I read them in the store (laughs).

Interviewer:What foreign country would you like to visit?

Azusa: Canada. I've never been abroad. A friend saw the auroras in Canada and said they were amazing.

Interviewer:How about domestically?

Azusa: No place in particular.

Interviewer:Any places you like to hang out?

Azusa: Shinjuku. I end up there a lot.

Interviewer:And your favorite brand is?

Azusa: GUCCI

Interviewer:What is the first thing you do in the morning?

Azusa: I have a cigarette. I smoke Salem Pianissimo.

Interviewer:Where do you wash first in the bath?

Azusa: My left breast. I write calligraphy with my left hand. Everything else - pencils, scissors, masturbation - is all with my right.

Interviewer:What do you always do before going to sleep?

Azusa: I write in my organizer. But what I write is a secret.

Interviewer: What you really into now?

Azusa: VIP CAR and Playstation.

Interviewer:What has gotten you mad lately?

Azusa: I was run into by a salaryman in the station. He wasn't even a fan of mine.

Interviewer:What has surprised you recently?

Azusa: A peeping tom was looking through the door mail slot.

Interviewer:What do you do on your days off?

Azusa: Just playing around.

Interviewer:What sports are you good at?

Azusa: Only swimming.

Interviewer:What kind of guy do you like?

Azusa: I am not too picky. Someone I can rely on physically and psychologically.

Interviewer:What dreams do you have for the future?

Azusa: To be happy.

I wanted to ask much more but we ran out of time. Was this idol-like interview session really OK? No?


>> Click Here For More Azusa Kawai


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