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Japanese AV Idol Interviews

Asuka Sawaguchi Interview
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Interviewer: So have you actually watched your debut film, "I love you"?

Asuka: Yes, it's the first video I've ever been in so I've watched it plenty of times. I even memorized all my lines (laughs). I make it a point
to watch all tapes I'm in.

Interviewer: That's good to hear, since you'll be watching it again today. So what was it like filming it?

Asuka: Well, I was the one that suggested that we do it in the woods, so it was a very interesting experience all in all.

Interviewer: I did notice how the tape was pretty hardcore considering that it was a debut video.

Asuka: It didn't feel that hardcore to me though. I thought it was pretty light, actually (laughs)

Interviewer: Well, compared to now when you do full on facials, that is.

Asuka: Of course. I mean, not doing facials is abnormal in this line of work. It's not like I mind doing them in my daily life.

Interviewer: Which means that you do them outside of videos?

Asuka: Yeah. I thought it was normal to do things like that. I still don't think it's as special as many people make them out to be.

Interviewer: Actually, coming in the mouth could be pretty tough for the guy to do.

Asuka: Well, all the men I've dated so far were great in bed. They all came in my mouth at one point or another.

Interviewer: They sound like porn stars.

Asuka: There's just some people that are like that.

Interviewer: The tape has some surprising scenes. Like this one here where you're tied up outside.

Asuka: It's not hard if you put your mind to it. You can do anything if you want to.

Interviewer: But still...did you have any previous experience with S&M?

Asuka: No, this was my first time. I still enjoyed it though. I had a great time filming this tape.

Interviewer: Was this the first time you were on camera, by the way?

Asuka: Yes. Well, I did do it once before inside a car, but this was the first time I was shot outside. I think it came out pretty well, all in all.

Interviewer: So your first time was outside...were your breasts bigger back then?

Asuka: Oh, that's because there were a bit swollen. It's back to normal size now. The size changes a bit depending on my weight, but they keep telling me that I look cuter on camera when I gain a couple pounds before the shooting starts. I was on a diet at the time so I hard to stop that.

Interviewer: The sailor suit looks good on you.

Asuka: It was my first time since I graduated high school.

Interviewer: Wasn't it cold outside?

Asuka: It was pretty cold, but the director was really nice to me so I had a nice time.

Interviewer: You know, isn't this dildo a tad on a big side for a debut film?

Asuka: It's a normal size (laughs).

Interviewer: You call this normal size? You look comfortable sucking cock here too.

Asuka: I don't mind doing blowjobs for people I love, but I hate it if it's someone I don't. I still can't blow just anyone they want me to. I've watched a number of films starring other girls and I'm amazing by how many guys get turned on by rough sex.


Interviewer: But you're deep throating this guy right here.

Asuka: I can do it when I'm really turned on, but not just whenever.

Interviewer: So that's how it is. Anyway, any comments on your first film?

Asuka: It felt really good. Both me and the guys I worked with had a great time. The costumes were good too, especially when we got to play doctor.

Interviewer: The next scene is with you in a school swimsuit at the bathroom.

Asuka: Yeah...but this scene is too run of the mill to be interesting.

Interviewer: Oh, not at all. You know, it looks like your eyes are a bit watery when there is a close up shot of you here.

Asuka: That's because the director was really scary when he told me to strip (laughs).

Interviewer: So it's not because you were getting turned on. You know, this is a very SM oriented tape for a debut film. Do you think you have a masochistic streak in you?

Asuka: Hmm, I guess I am a bit but I think I'm quite normal.

Interviewer: Still, the vast majority of the videos you've been in have you in submissive roles.

Asuka: That's a good point. There's always that slant in the tapes I've been in. You know, analyzing the tape like this is pretty useful. I never think about things like this when I watch tapes starring other
girls (laughs).

Interviewer: So are there any type of films you want to star in?

Asuka: Well, I want to star in films that play out more like the debut films of other actresses, but I don't think that's possible anymore (laugh).

Interviewer: Yeah, there's not too many other actresses that start off their AV career with so much come in their mouths.

Asuka: I'm surprised by how many girls can't do that. It's not like you need any special skills.

Interviewer: You do have a point there. There's no scene in this video that is any more hardcore than other videos, but I think it's the blowjob scenes that do it for me.

Asuka: Really? Well, those are the only type of videos I've been doing so they're pretty easy for me (laughs). I tend to like the tapes where I had to work hard on more though. I get this sense of satisfaction whenever I watch one of those.

Interviewer: It's no wonder you're so popular. Being used to giving blowjobs in your private life helps you be erotic when you give them on camera.

Asuka: I had my skin peeled a bit before the shoot began so I had a hard time because of that though (laughs). I made the make up artists' job a lot harder. The shoot itself without a hitch though. I was rather surprised myself (laughs). I thought that a lot worse things would be done to me.

Interviewer: I notice that you were smiling during the come showers.

Asuka: I didn't really know how to react when that happened so I just smiled.

Interviewer: Oh, so that smile was because you were just confused.

Asuka: Yep (laughs). I don't think I'd smile if I did that again.

Interviewer: And here, we see you getting banged with you in bloomers.

Asuka: I don't remember this part, but I think I peed here. (laughs).

Interviewer: The guy's in all white in this one too.

Asuka: Yep, a little fetish of mine (laughs).

Interviewer: You have a very erotic look on your face in this scene. Maybe that's why your films look so hardcore when you do them: because of the way you handle yourself.

Asuka: Maybe (laughs). I still don't understand why so many girls can't seem to do it on camera though. I mean, I was scared when I had to do an anal sex scene for the first time but it didn't hurt at all once I managed to calm down.

Interviewer: I guess that's just how you are. You know, maybe this this title should've been "I love sex" instead.

Asuka: I think so too (laughs).

>> Click Here For More Asuka Sawaguchi


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