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Akiho Yoshizawa Autograph 1

Akiho Yoshizawa Autograph 2


Japanese AV Idol Interviews

Akiho Yoshizawa Interview

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Interviewer: Congratulations Akiho on your great achievement for being awarded for being ranked first every year in the last 3 years, can you tell us a little more about it?
Akiho Yoshizawa: Actually, since switching to a new company, I was honored an award soon after joining. It has been couple fulfilling years and I have released many videos and gravure photo albums. I am very happy to see there are many supporters and fans around me. Winning the awards have been a big encouragement and approval for myself.

Interviewer: Can you tell us about your first experience in AV shooting many years ago?
Akiho Yoshizawa: I was actually very nervous during my first video shooting, because it was the very first time I had to have sex in front of many strangers and even the director requested a little more smile from me since I wasn't able to. Overall it was a fresh experience, but not an awkward one.

Interviewer: How did you end up inthe AV industry? What were you doing before?
Akiho Yoshizawa: I was formerly a gravure model. There was a time when my management company asked if I would be interested in adult video shooting, and I complied. Before modeling as a gravure idol, I was a student.

Interviewer: Your skills are always splendid in your videos. Are they acting skills or did you really enjoy it?
Akiho Yoshizawa: Those are performing skills. It's very difficult to enjoy sex when you are facing different sets of staff and work environments.

Interviewer: What's your happiest moment during your AV career?
Akiho Yoshizawa: It's been work, work and work and Ive had no chance to go travelling but the fact that I was able to visit a relaxing hot spring resort with my friend made me really happy. I was able to refresh my self and relax. So now I'm fresh again.

Interviewer: So were there any sad moments recently in your life?
Akiho Yoshizawa: Well not really, except I lost part of my favourite earring which has been very important to me. That made me very sad.

Interviewer: So Akiho, are there any specific things you want to try but haven't found the time to do due to your busy schedule?
Akiho Yoshizawa: I really want to try horseback riding and traditional Japanese dance! I've never done those before but I am thinking about starting some lessons. Also, Ive been thinking about trying Birkam Yoga next time instead of the usual yoga which Ive been doing for a long time.

Interviewer: What's the thing you want or wanted to buy most?
Akiho Yoshizawa: A computer! well actually I've wanted one for a while back but even if I bought one, I wonder if Id do more than just surf the net, so the decision hasnt been so easy.

Interviewer: Are there any places that you want to visit in the near future?
Akiho Yoshizawa: I hate the cold so I want to visit some place warm, but with a busy schedule I cannot choose where to go.

Interviewer: What's your most embarrasing moment during your career?
Akiho Yoshizawa: It was probably during my appearance in the filming of the video Maison Akiho. While not filming, I didnt realize I picked up a broom and was sweeping the street in front of the house that was used for the film. Passersbys were looking at me oddly and thinking what the hell was going on! (laughs). When I thought about it later, I became self conscious and was embarrased. (laughs).

Interviewer: What is the thing you are most addicted doing?
Akiho Yoshizawa: I love cooking! I cook alot of Japanese dishes, but I like to cook other stuff like hamburger steaks and beef stew. Really, Ill cook anything! Even after I return home from a video shoot and I'm very tired , Ill still take the time to cook something.

Interviewer: Other than cooking, what else do you do after a long days work?
Akiho Yoshizawa: Sometimes I just watch TV and start massaging my upper thighs! I found out massaging actually increases the metabolism and gets rid of the useless fat on my thighs.

Interviewer: Akiho san, what is your most valuable possession:
Akiho Yoshizawa: The most valuable thing to me at this moment are the people whove been supporting me, especially my fans. As for material possessions, my own personal photo album is very valuable to me.

Interviewer: Were there any fun moments recently going on in your life?
Akiho Yoshizawa: I would'nt say just only recently, but definitely filming videos is my favourite. Among the films, Maison Akiho series was definitely my favourite since the filming was fun.

Interviewer: What's the thing thats troubles you the most about yourself?
Akiho Yoshizawa: Well, because I am very sensitive to cold, my hands and feet change color when I am cold and it looks quite scary. It becomes a very pale color... I want to do something about that.

Interviewer: What's your most favourite tv program and tv actresses?
Akiho Yoshizawa: My most favourite showof all time has been TBS's Sanma nosuper Karakuri and other comedy shows. Even though when I am watching it alone, I laugh out very loud by myself! (laughs). As for favorite actresses, I like Akiko Yada and Hitomi Kuroki.

Interviewer: What is your deepest fear?
Akiho Yoshizawa: I think it would be if I am alone and theres an earthquake. If theres a big earthquake, theres gonna be a huge panic and that will be very scary for me.

Interviewer: Have you thought about getting retired? and what is the plan after you retire?
Akiho Yoshizawa: Sometimes I would think about this question, but I still want to film as many videos as I can to satisfy my fans. After retiring from the AV industry, I hope I can move over to mainstream acting.




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