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Japanese AV Idol Interviews

Akane Hotaru Interview

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Here is an interview with Shiofuki Queen (Squirting Queen) Akane Hotaru, formerly known as Anna Akizuki. Akane is an award winning Japanese AV Idol as well as a singer, model and actress. She is a talented and an extremely professional actress that has branched to mainstream media. Notable achievements in AV include being recognized as the "Newcomer Of the Year" by Weekly Playboy in 2005 as well as a speaker at the "World AIDS Day in 2007. Her mainstream achievements are immense, which include being featured in two theatrical films, and numerous appearances in television dramas and shows, as well as television commercials after her retirement from AV in 2008. Here is a post-AV interview for you to enjoy.

Interviewer: You’ve been in the industry for a long time, what is your current view in the AV industry?
Akane Hotaru: I remember when I started at 21, AV actress had a very long shelf life, and during filming, we didn’t get forced into things that we didn’t want to do. But now, actress life is very short, and the management doesn’t take care of the girls as they use to, in other words, to put it bluntly, we are more of a product to them now.

I’ve seen some very poorly treated actress. Maybe it is the way of how the companies are running now. Studios do not care about actress’s feeling. We use to get asked first on the scenes we would do (i.e. a lesbian scene), and if we approve it, than we perform it. Nowadays, we almost have no right to say nor to give any opinion, we have to act as how the script is written. I get very angry when I see these things happen.

Interviewer: What suggestion can you give to the newcomers who want to join AV industry?
Akane Hotaru: First, you must know what you want, and set goals, because you are exchanging youth for money. You have to control your destiny and not let others control it. I am very sad, when I see a lot of girls come into AV for the wrong reasons, such as they are in debt, or to support their family or boyfriend or for all the wrong reason. These girls usually don't last long. Which I think it’s tragic.

So I emphasize the gains, set goals, and if one is unable to reach those goals, one should make a decision to stay or to leave. Only you are the owner of your body.

Interviewer: Looking back your time at AV, how do you feel now?
Akane Hotaru: I think it was like an orgasm, yes, in fact, I’m not lying to you, I’m a natural squirter, and very intense too. But I must say, I have to drink a lot of water before hand to give a desire effect.

I remember one time, drink too much Pocari Sweat, and during filming I was feel very sick, and had to send to the emergency room…I was very dedicated to my profession. And come to think of it, I can’t believe at the time I thought it was cool to squirt, and it became necessary for all the girls to perform it now. I feel quite proud I started the squirting trend.

Interviewer: Why would anyone like you, would want to involve with Aids prevention activities?
Akane Hotaru: I went to Waseda University to give a lecture to 700 students and later, a female student stopped me after the lecture, and wanted to ask me some sex questions between her and her boyfriend. We chatted a for a while. Then it came to me that there are a lot of people young and old who look up to me, and I think as an actress, we should have some social responsibility in this industry, and at around the same time, a friend had asked me to participated in Aids Preventions and Control events, and it was very easy for me to say agree to help out.

Interviewer: Have you ever work with the late Ai Iijima?
Akane Hotaru: In fact, I had planned an event and invited Ai Iijima and a doctor to join. But just as we were finalizing the event, regrettably, the tragic new of Ai Iijima came. I was really looking forward to have the opportunity to learn from her.

Interviewer: So what are some current activities you are working on?
Akane Hotaru: I currently spend alot of time in public awareness programs and events that promote safe sex, provide free condoms and free public screen for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Interviewer: Did you ever get harassed during event?
Akane Hotaru: Fortunately, No. Instead, I get a lot of encouragment from everyone.




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