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Japanese AV Idol Interviews

Aika Miura Interview (Interview conducted in 2001)
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Miura Aika debuted back in 1995. Out of all the actresses who have debuted in that year, she is the only one who is still very active in the scene. In an industry where you are called a 'Veteran' a year after you've started working, 9 years is almost unthinkable. While she did retire for about 8 months in the past, she has released approximately one tape every month for this entire time. In an age where the careers of AVs are getting shorter and shorter, what could possibly be driving her on?


It's been 6 years since I've started this line work. Now that I think about it, I was still in my teens when I first started...I was so young back then! As for why I've continued to do this until now...I really don't know! Hahahahaha. I never really thought about it so it was more like those 6 years have passed me by when I realized it.

I guess the thing that changed the most over these years was my face. I look so old now. I want to be young again! I think I looked the cutest three years ago.

As for sex, I'm pretty much the same as I was before I started working, but I guess the one thing that did change was how I look at men.

I used to look at the face of a person first before but now I always look at his dick right afterwards (laughs). I can now tell how big someone's dick is by looking at their pants, and I'm almost never wrong. I'm pretty confident on guessing someone's dick size! Hahaha.

As for what happened, I think the main reason was that I started riding the train a lot more now that I entered this line of work. I mean, the only thing you can see when you sit down is their dick, right? I didn't ride the train back when I was high school so that's probably why.

And I really love dick---all the women do! I've never hated it in my entire life. See...it gets real big, and then it get's really stiff and it twitches! I like it better when I touch it to make it big and hard instead of seeing it like that right away!!

See, I really like touching the dick myself to make it ready for sex. I guess you can say that I like "Dick playing" ! Hehe.

Yep, so a dick is the most important thing I look for in a guy. Well, the face before then, of course. I try to imagine how it'd look like to have someone on top of me pumping away at me, and if I don't like it, he's out! I skip anyone who I don't think would look good on top of me, kyahahahahaa!

And then for someone who I think would look good on me...I then try to imagine how his dick looks like! I'd be like "I wonder how his dick looks like?" and then I'd imagine exactly how it'd enter me and the expression on his face when he's entering me. I like someone who stays cool when fucking me. So anyone who says "That feels so good, babe!" is out. I like someone who stays quiet while doing it.

As for which position, I like missionary. I like being on the bottom. It's nice to see the face of the person fucking me while he's doing it.

My parents are still angry about what I do for a living. Very much so. Especially my mother. She's still always calling me to "Quit, please quit." That's pretty much it...well, I do understand where they're coming from but still...

I guess it can't be helped. I mean, we still live together. I don't really take it in a bad way though. My dad knows but he doesn't really say anything about it.


As for my brother, he's pretty much the same. My dad was lecturing me a little while ago about how "I shouldn't be making money while having fun!", but I'm not really having a lot of fun here. I mean, I'm sometimes tied up and struck with whips so I want to say "It's not as fun as you think!" (laughs).

But my family's still pretty close. I often go fishing or golfing with my dad, and we even went to Pachislo a little while ago!

I guess I do cause them to worry about me but I really like how my current job allows me to live happily with my family.

To tell you the truth, I like guys who're like my brother. But my brother's married already! When my brother got married I was like "Why is she taking my brother away from me?" I really did.

I kept my cool and tried to be friendly with his bride but she'd get jealous whenever she sees me and my brother together. So I guess we're not that friendly after all?

I was pretty open about sex ever since I was young. I'd tell my friends "I masterbated yesterday." and stuff like that, hahahahaha.

I mean, there's no point in hiding it, is there? Everyone likes to have sex anyway.

There's a lot of girls who try to hold back when they're having sex with men, aren't there? I always wonder about that. I think it's better that they come. Instead of using some technique so that they can hold it back, I think it's better that they come now and try for another round. I mean, if your pussy wants to come, you should just let it, ahaha.

I always come very quickly the first time around, so it takes longer for me to come again the second time. I think there's only a few men out there who'd really understand that though.

Well I always liked sex ever since I was young but I didn't like it when it took too long. I like the "wham-bam thank you ma'am" style. I like to do more sensual things after I've come once.

My ideal sexual experience would be to have someone making me come by touching my clit first, then enter my pussy and makes me come again after another 10-15 minutes. No blow job. I like getting fucked more. And as for the touching of my clit, I like it when it's done with the middle finger.


I broke up recently so I'm looking for a boyfriend right now!

I don't want someone who's too smart for a boyfriend. Truthfully, I like men who're smart but then I'm worried about them cheating on me. I guess the main thing I'm looking for is someone who suits my style of sex?

Even if someone looks really good, there's no use if he's no good at sex. If our bodies don't seem to match when we do it the first time, I usually break up not long afterwards. Well, I usually keep doing things until he starts hating me and asks for me break up with him! Hahaha!

But---although sex is very important to me, I don't have sex right away when I start dating. Maybe after 5-10 dates. I usually think "Maybe it's about time?" around the 3rd date and I start caressing his cock but then I'm like "Uh, not yet!", hahaha.

That and we do some caressing before we get to the stage of having sex. Nothing really erotic, but I sometimes pretend to be drunk and I'd 'accidentally' rest my hand on his dick or something. Then if I think "His is too small" then we don't have sex and I break up with him, hahahahahaha!

I don't really want to get married yet. I still want to play around a bit. Though I don't really know what I want to do, hahaha. I recently got into acting younger than I really am! I'd be like "I'm 20!" and fool everyone and seduce them all. It's a lot of fun! It's a lot of fun to play with younger guys. They have so much energy and can go on all night---kyaaaaaa!!

What I mean by play is like karaoke and going drinking together. And when we do, they make a move! But I'm good at running away so I'd say "I'm sorry, but it's my time of the month", hahah! That's the easiest way to do it. Or I'd be like "I can't do it with anyone I'm not going out with!" or "Not when on our first date!"

When someone tries to pick me up, we'd go drinking sometimes and when we do, we act a little silly sometimes don't we? And then if they're young they'd be like "Hey, my cock got hard!" and I'm like "Really? Where?" and feel him up! "But they're all so small that I sometimes cry out "No way! You're not hard!" That's when I'm like "Well, today's a failure. Let's head back home." Hehe, I'm such a bad girl.

But I'm now 25, so you can forgive me, right? Hehehe, when a girl gets to be 25, they want to be playing with younger guys. Then they'll think to themselves "Maybe I'm not so old after all?" so you have to do it while you still have time. As for the future, well, I do want a child sometime so I want to play until then.

I haven't seen any big cocks lately so I want to have at least 1 cock that's at least 18cm (approx 7 inches) before I have a child, ahahaha!



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