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Yukie Mania Video Cover

Yukie Kawamura in Yukie Mania Video

2005 is definately Yukie Kawamura's year! This cutie bikini model's popularity sky rocketed higher in Japan with the released of 4+ videos this year alone. In addition, Yukie now also has her own collectable card collection for her fans to collect. The video "Yukie Mania" is a DVD, released on June 24 2005. It features Yukie posing in front of the camera in various sexy swimwear, as well as some costume fetish costumes. Bonus features include behind the scenes. A absolute must download video for Yukie fans out there.
Video Size: 640 x 480 Running Time: 52 mins Size: 715 MB Codecs Required to play: Xvid/MP3



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