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Misako Yasuda   PROFILE
Date of Birth :   1982.4.21
Blood Type :   O
Native Place :   Kyoto Prefecture
Height :   161 cm
Body Size :   B82 W60 H85
Jun Natsukawa   PROFILE
Date of Birth :   1983.9.19
Blood Type :   A
Native Place :   Tokyo
Height :   160 cm
Body Size   B85 W59 H85
Yoko Kumada   PROFILE
Date of Birth :   1982.5.13
Blood Type :   O
Native Place :   Gifu Prefecture
Height :   164 cm
Body Size :   B92 W56 H84

Aki Hoshino

BURUBURU - Download and enjoy this exclusive Sabra video presentation. This 98 MB DivX video features the making and behind the scenes of the 2005 released 3 COLORS gravure idol book featuring the stunning Misako Yasuda, Yoko Kumada and Jun Natsukawa. Non-Nude.


  Actual Screen Capture from the Video


FREE Sabra 3 Colors Gravure Photo Samples



Sabra 3 Colors Exclusive Production and Behind Scenes Video
( Total Uncompressed Size: 98.2MB Required Codec to Play: DIVX)

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