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A trip to an onsen by couple very shy girls. If you like peeing girls bath....this might turn you on.

Mixed Bathing Yugawara Amateurs 1.49 GB

Nudity ~ Soft on Demand presents some real amateur girls who go on a vacation to Yugawara Onsen (hot springs in Kanagawa) a popular hot springs destination. As most hot springs are separated for men and women,this does not seem to have this rule and is filled with hidden cameras and cameramen behind the bushes filming the naked and embaressed girls. These girls are completely embaressed with the situations they are put through and seeing these girl try as best as they can to cover their body parts is the highlight of the video.
Video Size: 640 x 480 Running Time: 02:22:24 Size: 1.49 GB Codec Required: DivX

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* This movie contains nudity and sexual scenes of amateurs


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