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The invisible man series is back and yet again he is up to no good as he uses his invisible powers to satisfy his sexual urges.

Invisible Man 6 Amateurs 1.11 GB

Roleplay and Sexual Content ~ The invisible man strikes back! In episode 6, Mr Invisible shares his magical drink to a group of patients in a hospital and they all become his invisible entourage (not invincible). These horny invisible guys go surprise women by fondling, groping, licking their pussies to banging the girls in 5 different scenes while the girls are all like "Who's licking my pussy???". Included is a girl's locker scene, nurse station, and even a home invasion scene. Nevertheless, this is the type of fantasy movie for you guys out there who have day dreamed of becoming invisible one day to cause havoc. Somewhat funny and dumb and somewhat ingenious for an adult video.
Video Size: 640 x 480 Running Time: 01:46:30 Size: 1.11 GB Codec Required: DivX

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