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NewRelease Raise Pet Girl
Hinata Seto
Roleplay and Sexual Content ~ How to raise a Hamster Girl Pet. Perhaps this is the most politcally incorrect video we have ever put up, but seriously, Hinata Seta is super cute in this film and she makes a super cute pet. The video begins with this Japanese guy going to a pet store to choose a pet girl, and out of the 3 pet girls available, she chooses Hinata, which he brings home to this huge cage. Just like a hamster, Hinata sleeps alot and plays alot in the cage, and even takes a dump in the litter box. The owner later introduces a pet guy into the cage, and they mate and as all good things come to an end, the pets eventually pass away. We thought this video was wierd, but at the same time, ingenious for a porn flick.
NewRelease Idol Resurrected
Natsuki Abe
Nudity and Sexual Content ~ HMP Studio's 'Resurrected Idol' series brings back Natsuki Abe, a popular actress and gravure model in this remastered and re-edited video with a thinner mosaic. Although Natsuki's career was brief during the early millenium, she is best remembered for her cute face and pretty breasts. Enjoy this remastered classic.
NewRelease Obscene Maid
Nao Yoshizaki
Cosplay and Sexual Content ~ Always so sexy and pretty, Nao Yoshizaki is definately one of the top AV actresses in the industry. Dressed in french maid uniform, and numerous girl styled maid uniforms, Naony's clothes are slowly peeled off for a some carpet munching, followed by some maid - for -sex scenes. Each scene starts off with Naony cleaning something or serving tea followed by servicing the home owners.
NewRelease A Hell Of The Eros 2
AV Idols
Nudity and Sexual Content ~ If you've seen the first volume of the big budget video , 'A Hell of The Eros' video, you will know how wild and crazy that video was. The first volume featured the 'Princesses of Hell" (daughters of the devil), who kept draining guys of all fluids, and in this Volume 2, the original "Maid's of Hell", the guardians of hell, take group orgy to a higher level, as they sexually torment couple poor dudes. Starring Miki Yamashiro, Yuzuha Hinata, Yui Matsuno , Runa Maino, Ramu Himemiya , Rio Nakayama , Minaki Saotome and Ayaka Kasagi. Although the Maids of Hell are not as pretty as the Princesses, it's still quite an erotic sight, eight girls take on one guy.
NewRelease Brand New Girl
Mirina Aikawa
Nudity and Sexual Content ~ Beauty AV studios is known for specializing in beautiful young girls in the Japanese AV business, and in this video, they present us with Mirina Aikawa, a young and slender girl who makes her debut into the adult industry. Mirina is actually quite pretty and very tender, and this video reflects it alot since this actress is very much like a young asian girlfriend having sex with you. Complete one-on-one action in a sensual manner.
NewRelease Nympho Domination
Haruka Sanada
Nudity and Sexual Content ~ Requested from a member, here is Haruka Sanada, a busty actress who has a cute face and if you observe closely, she's got a a bigger areola on her left breast than her right which also raises this girls curiosity factor. In Nympho Domination, Haruka begins the video with a masterbation scene, where she genthly rubs and fingers her pussy, followed by a blowjob and sex filled jail and bar scene. Since her breasts are pretty big for Japanese standards, every actor in the video can't keep their hands off them, especially for a good jiggle.
NewRelease Time Stop Vol.1
Roleplay and Sexual Content ~ V&R studios presents the super funny original Timestop Vol.1 video. Imagine being able to stop time with just a click of a button, and feeling and banging any girl you fancy. This is the first video of the 5 volume series, where our main actor first receives his time control device from a mystery man, and discovers the full potential of the device. From stopping time on the street when a hot girl passes by, to making havoc and pulling pranks at his workplace, to taking revenge on all the people including his boss at work, this video is nothing but constant fun! Enjoy Vol.1, as we will release 4 other volumes in the future.
NewRelease Flight Attendant
Karen Kisaragi
Cosplay and Sexual Content ~ If Karen Kisaragi wasn't in adult videos, she'd make an amazing flight attendant. Dressed in sexy flight attendant uniforms, this video features Karen Kisaragi doing it with airplane pilots in hotels rooms during crossovers after each flight. The sex is erotic and intimate, and the fantasy of taking on the flight attendant is very blood stopping.
NewRelease Dangerous Piston 8
Nudity and Sexual Content ~ S1 studio's Karin is an ultmaite sex machine in Dangerous Piston 8. A very surprising actress who is completely a lust goddess and as always, provides an intensive fuck session where she conquers every male actor she encounters. In Dangerous Piston, watch as Karin ride on top cowgirl style erotically, and shrieks out intense orgasmic pleasure as she is pumped fast and hard, as well as a very delightful scene 1, which takes place in a high class setting where she strips off her clothes and gives a guy a tit job and a sloppy blowjob. If you like a girl who completely looks like a slut, you will most definately like Karin.
NewRelease Future Hospital

Roleplay and Sexual Content ~ The future of healthcare in Japan seems very promising, especially in 'Future Hospital'. Human nurses are replaced by pretty hot life-like androids which take care of all the needs of the patient. Need to provide a urine or sperm sample? no problem., simply piss into the android's mouth for immediate chemical testing. Patients who find pills too big to swallow, no problem again, the hot android nurse will french kiss it into your mouth. How about calming down the people in the psychiatric ward? We will let you guess that one. An excellent and humourous video which will satisfy your robotic fantasies.

NewRelease Competitve Swimmer
Emi Haruna/Hasumi

Swimwear Cosplay and Sexual Content ~ Here is Emi Haruna and Hasumi in Competitive Swimmer. If you like girls in speedos swimming suits, and getting penetrated still wearing the suit, you will definately love this video. Lots of rough cowgirl riding on top and some squirt scenes and cock sharing between the two cute girls.

NewRelease Esthetic Spa 5
Nana Miyachi
Nudity and Sexual Content ~ We are issuing a warning to you if you decide to download this video. Please download at your own discretion. Starring Nana Miyachi, who visits this specialized spa which prepares women for the most ultimate and ridiculous orgasm. Attacking all the erogenous zones of the female body, as well as using nipple suctions to swell them up, electric dildo vibrators, the nasty jigsaw dildo, and on the more bizarre side, using and abusing those electronic muscle stimulators which are for toning the body or for weight loss. Anyways... This video is a bit shocking, so once again, you've been warned.
NewRelease Hustle Acky!
Akiho Yoshizawa
Cosplay and Sexual Content ~ More of super actress Akiho Yoshizawa this month in Maxing Studio's Hustly Acky! Watch sexy Akiho get down and dirty in costume play fetish while she dresses as a airline stewardess, french maid in pink costume, school teacher, and high school student. Very hot sex as this beautiful and popular get penetrated doggie and cowgirl.
Yui Komine
Uncensored Content ~ This uncensored actress not just looks like Yua Aida, but also her body looks similar too. Perhaps a sister or a cousin? Nevertheless, a fantastic uncensored XXX video with this Yui Komine giving out a saliva filled blowjob in the begining of the video followed by tons of condomless penetration and nakadashi. A very well made uncensored Japanese adult video worth watching. We actually loved it and we rarely give out 5 stars for uncensored videos.
NewRelease Beach Girl
Asuka Kyono
Outdoor Nudity and Sexual Content ~ Ideapocket Studios brings you Beach Girl starring Asuka Kyono. Enjoy the beautiful beaches and clear waters as this 2007 actress goes out for some sun and fun, and lots of nude sex on the beach, the docks, and some 3P action on a balcony in the evening. If you like outdoor sex scenes, you may like this video.
NewRelease Skeleton Chair
Azusa Ayano
Bukkake and Sexual Content ~ She's tall, breasty, and no other Japanese adult actress has a similar body type compared to Azusa Ayano. In this video, Azusa Ayano deepthroats, gets her pussy fingered and played with really rough and hard, and gets jizzed with cum all over her face and body while tied to a chair. Her moans are quite mourningful, like her favorite pet had died or something, and it sure seems like she's balling her eyes out while she is being banged. Somewhat amusing and somewhat depressing, but quite enjoyable overall.
NewRelease Mad Temptation
Mika Mizuno
Nudity and Sexual Content ~ Mika Mizuno videos are hard to come by, so get it now. This very sexy actress has a pretty nice decent body and a pretty face that resembles the hybrid of Yua Aida and Ayumu Kase. A very straight forward adult video with lots of fast pumping action in missionary. We especially liked the begining of the video, when they stick the camera right at her tit.
NewRelease Female Bank Worker
Arisa Kanno
Bank Cosplay and Sexual Content ~ IEnergy presents Arisa Kanno as a bank teller in this cosplay video which takes place inside a bank branch. When the branch boss gets horny in his office, everyone go hide, but poor Arisa Kanno is in his office at the wrong time and gets her bank uniform ripped of and wham banged doggie. As the video progresses, armed robbers storm the bank with machine guns, tie up all the staff, but somehow, the leader of the robbers singles out Arisa and sticks his finger up and down her cunt, and screws Arisa in front of the tied up bank staff. An absolute delightful cosplay video.
NewRelease Come To My Home
Nudity and Sexual Content ~ Smoke some ciggys, get drunk and next thing you know, someone's sucking your dick. 'Come To My Home' is a video filmed with fixed cameras and a handycam in a guys apartment and in someone's larger living room. Theres alot of evil beverage in this video, and when everyone's intoxicated from all the booze, funky things can happen. In this video everyone ends up stripping down and having group sex. Tons of fun and tons of action. We actually found this video quite enjoyable.
NewRelease Young Wife Sexless
Lesbian and Sexual Content ~ Bored housewives decide to experiment in some lesbian fun. From munching each other carpets, to fingering each other, to scissoring and to double dildo riding, these horny housewives really seem to enjoy feeling each other up and investigating each other's pussy. There's also a 3 person lesbian triangle scene which we though is a rare scene.
NewRelease Rear End Special
AV Idols
Nudity and Sexual Content ~ Featuring 3 popular actresses, Sora Aoi, Milk Ichigo and Hikari Kisugi in this rare compilation video. Yes, three hotties and no monkey business. We really enjoyed the last scene of the video with Milk Ichigo working as an elevator operator and getting felt up and banged as the elevator gets stuck. Nevertheless, the mosaic was a bit thick in this video since the video is not very new, but hey, the beautiful actresses compensate for it.
NewRelease New Nude 05
Maria Ozawa
Nudity Only ~ Spend one hour with Maria Ozawa in her solo nude gravure video titled New Nude 05. Featuring classy Maria showing off her beautiful body in various skimpy outfits and one sensual masterbation scene. There's no penetration scenes, just one very sensual erotic video. If you're a Maria Ozawa fan, this would make a great addition to your collection.
NewRelease Bako Promiscuity 19
Rin Aoki

Nudity and Sexual Content ~ Rin Aoki is from the Yamagata Prefecture, the largest producer of melons in Japan, and its no coincidence that this super busty, and chubby actress originated from there. Currently the no#1 chubby AV actress in Japan, this former + size bikini model is in for some really hard banging in Bako Promiscuity 19, where she will go for nurse and student cosplay, as well as tackle not just one dick, but up to 5. If you are in for some 'heavy loving' tonight, you should download and watch Rin. We love jello, so will you.

NewRelease Outdoor Persecution
Erika Kurisu
Nudity and Sexual Content ~ Erika Kurisu's pink nipples are like cute little berries, and we love pink berries, especially her's, so here's this really nice and sexy actress from HMP studios for you to enjoy. Theres no outdoor voyeur scene in this video, and we have no idea why we put 'outdoor' on the title, but nevertheless, other than the great sex she has by the bath area, and in the bedroom, this actress is definately a looker worth seeing.
Iruka Sakana
Uncensored Content ~ Here is one cute girl who is going to get her pussy penetrated bareback. Iruka Sakana's going to dress in some cutie cosplay uniforms, such as nurse, chinese dress and kitty cat and really suck and fuck in this completely uncensored Japanese adult video. With cute little breasts and a face that looks very much like Arisa Ogura, Iruka Sakana will ride the rocket in some one on one and 3P action.
NewRelease New Spring Recruit
Nudity and Sexual Content ~ Going to work for Soft On Demand Corporation (AV Studio and Sexy Toy Company) might be a dream come true if you are a guy. Forget about the office pleasurement laws (that make men all nervous), cause at Soft On Demand headquarters, having sex in the office is OK, feeling up a junior office lady is also OK, and having sex with her is definately OK too, just as long as she lets you do it. So fast forward to New Spring Recruit. Soft on Demand needs to hire some new office ladies and sales staff, and each girl must be checked to see how far they will go to work at this great adult company.
NewRelease DoubleCast
Akane Hotaru/Ichika
Nudity and Sexual Content ~ Put two super hot actresses together, and you've got one major video coming 100 miles per hour at you. Squirt goddess Akane Hotaru and pretty girl Ichika star in this video with both the girls getting banged in many positions you can imagine. From two girl one guy cock sharing to two girls and two guy penetration scenes, this video gets the mattress completely socked with pussy juice. A two part file download.
NewRelease Masochist Spartan
Yuho Mizushima
Nudity and Sexual Content ~ Dressed in extremely erotic and kinky vinyl skintight clothes, Yuho is completely sexy and cool looking in Masochist Spartan. Just what she's wearing is a big turn on in this video, and in this video, she's supposed to be male dominating, but always ends up being submissive. The begining of this video, she's the boss of a car modication shop, but she falls asleep in front of her computer, and ends up being felt up by one of the staff who discovers she has doozed off. Other hot scenes includes a a good penetration scene in an excercise room, and a hotel scene. We really like that she had different stick on tattoos throughout the video, which made her seem very cool.
NewRelease Racing Swimsuit
Yuu Kanata
Swimwear Cosplay and Sexual Content ~ Yuu Kanata is a competitive swimmer, wearing her cute bathing cap, swimming googles and one piece swimwear, she goes to practice every morning, and after the initial warmup laps, she's off to sucking off the cocks of other swimmers. Other than being sex-up and banged through the side of her swimwear in most of the scenes, an unusual scene which we found quite disturbing was when they use those clips which you use to hang out clothes to be dried around her pussy.
NewRelease Lifes Up and Down Hut
Beach Goers
Gameshow and Sexual Content ~ The 'Lifes Up and Down' series of Soft On Demand studios have always been a favorite in Japan. With obviously a small budget for this tuned down version of the original series, they take you to a beach hut where they play the game. Curious girls hanging out at the beach enter the hut, roll a huge dice and either they win a prize or have to do something obscene, like getting felt up, getting their nipple sucked on, suck a cock, jack someone off, and in the worse case scenario, get fucked. Couple of the girls are sorta cute, but there are also girls who are not.
NewRelease Les Summit
Lesbian Cosplay and Sexual Content ~ Here's a rare video we do not see often. Lesbian orgy with costume play! Eight different girls in lesbian scenes featuring nurses, office ladies, airline stewardesses, and high school girls being punished by a strict lesbian teacher in the classroom. Lots of girl-girl french kissing, feeling each other up, rubbing against each other's pelvic area and some dildo and vibrator play. The best part is seeing a woman finger another woman up their twat.
NewRelease Infinite Climax
Akiho Yoshizawa
Nudity and Sexual Content ~ You know this vids going to be a great plotless video when it is produced by S1 studios and stars top actress Akiho Yoshizawa. Infinite Climax features Akiho inlots of 3P action, from sucking off two guys at once, to getting her carpet munched, to being handled roughly and getting her pussy jammed with dildos and vibrators. Unlike her previous videos produced by her ex-studio, Akiho is like a supercharged nympho.
NewRelease Revisiting Africa 2
Outdoor Nudity and Sexual Content ~ Requested by a member, here is Revisiting Africa 2, a super oddball and out of place Japanese AV where a Japanese girl travels all the way to Africa to hangout with a tribe. But unfortunately since we are not exactly stupid, we know Natural High Studios tried to pull a quick one on us, as the location filmed was actually in Papua New Guinea and not Africa, after seeing the New Guinea Asaro Mud Men.Nevertheless, although we do feel cheated, curiosity does creep in to check out this video.
NewRelease Tsumamigui Wife Eater
Honoka/Yuma Asami
Role Play and Sexual Content ~ S1 Studios and Japanese erotic game company AliceSoft brings you the popular hentai series 'Tsumamigui' also known as' Wife Eater'. Based originally from one of the most popular hentai PC sex games in Japan to eventually becoming an animation, Tsumamigui is the threshold for a PC game to make its transition into the actual AV world. Starring Yuma Asami and Honoka.


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