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Common Support Questions

Click Here for DBANK video support

Before contacting us, make sure you have read our support and DBANK support pages.

Singapore Starhub and SingNET ISP members, if you experience download problems with our servers, that means Starhub is filtering your connection: please click here to see the only bypass solution:
Click here

I just joined 1 minute ago and I still cannot access
Hold your horses cowboy ! Give the server couple minutes to sync around before you try to login again. The payment processing server needs to send our servers the signal to spread around your hormones.

How do I cancel? (Please have your membership information ready)
A: If you purchased your subscription at our Verotel Payment Gateway: Please Click Here
A: If you purchased your subsciption at our CCBILL Payment Pateway: Please Click Here

How to contact JSexNetwork support?
A: At support@jsexnetwork.com

I have downloaded a file with a ZIP file extension. Now how do I open it?
A Zip file is a compressed file. If you are not using windows XP, which comes with built in uncompression software, you will need to go download WINZIP to uncompress this file. You can get also WinRar at this link. Once you have installed WinRAR you can uncompress the zip file and see whats inside.

Do I need to download and install the DivX or Xvid codec to watch movies in Media Player?
If you are on Windows 7 or Windows 8, your media player probably can play all formats without downloading any codecs. If you are unable to view the videos, please go to www.codecguide.com and download the K Lite Codec Pack "Standard" Edition.

Q: What is the allowed daily download qouta at JSexNetwork?
A: It is unlimited as of April 2014, but it does not mean you can abuse our servers and open 100 connections per server.

Where can I get the required movie codecs for playing the AVI files?
For Windows based computers, we supply you with the proper codecs on our DBANK page. They are located at the far left colum. You can also go to www.codecguide.com and download the KLite Mega Codec pack. For Mac computers, we recommend using the VLC player from videolan.org

My download manager doesn't work on your site.
Some downloading managers and bots are prohibited at our servers. If yours does'nt work, chances are that we have prohibited it. For a list of banned managers, click here.

I am on a dialup modem at 56K. Downloading is very slow.
You're kidding with us? You must have high speed Internet, ADSL, Cable or above.

Can VIP members request movies for DBANK?
We have never replied a member with a flat out "No". However you can try popping us an email at support @ jsexnetwork.com. If the movie/actress you would like to request happens to be in stock, then we would gladly expedite the movie and get it online for you. But we prefer actress requests instead than specific videos.

Why are some of the videos/photos censored?
Japanese law prohibits the showing of genitalia. Most large Japanese AV production companies abide by this law or risk being closed down by the Japanese Censorship Office. For super popular AV actresses, you will probably never find any of their uncensored videos until either they have retired or decided to film outside of Japan or go black market (these videos will never be released in Japan). Nevertheless, AV actresses are actually shunned if they have uncensored materials floating around the market as Japanese production houses would find it a liability to work with her and her agent. As for the uncensored videos floating around the Internet, we have some of them too, but generally, some of them were de-censored in Taiwan with sophisticated expensive equipment and most of them feature tier 3 actresses. Click here for our Uncensored Full Length video section.









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