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Beautiful Japanese Adult Video Actresses From 90's

When the Internet went mainstream in the 90's, it brought along many Japanese popular AV idols along for the worldwide stardom rise. Actresses who appeared in the JAV industry in mid 90's spiralled up the AV charts and gained worldwide popularity and notice through the fast evolving Internet medium. Actresses like Aika Miura (Yuu Hasegawa), Azumi Kawashima and Akira Fubuki, enjoyed the world wide distribution of her still photographs, movies and video,which drove her worldwide popularity up the roof. Although the majority of these actresses have retired, they are still very sought out on the Internet.


This Month's Featured Rewind Idol
Hitomi Kobayashi
REWIND! Akira Fubuki
REWIND! Izumi Morino

Akira Fubuki

Izumi Morino
REWIND! Alice Minami
REWIND!  Azumi Kawashima
Alice Minami
Azumi Kawashima
REWIND!  Bunko Kanazawa
REWIND!  Emiri Yoshikawa
Bunko Kanazawa
Emiri Yoshikawa
REWIND!  Erica Kirishima
REWIND!  Aika Miura
Erica Kirishima
Aika Miura


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