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Ai Kurosawa Interview
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A perfectly proportioned body forged from years of volleyball coupled with a G-cup bust. With a body like that and a warm personality to go with it, you just gotta see her videos.

Ai-chan is a favorite among all the guys, not just the big-tit pearl necklace fans. She has a bright personality and cute voice and can get all kinds of guys excited. Everyone wants her as a girlfriend.

Interviewer:So, Ai, how many videos have you been in now?

Ai: We have shot five, but I think only two have been released so far.

Interviewer:How was your first video shoot?

Ai: I was really nervous. But it was different than I had imagined.

Interviewer:What kind of image did you hold of it?

Ai: I thought it would be more hard core.

Interviewer:Had you ever seen a video before?

Ai: My dad had some. Mostly SM and pantie shots.


Ai: He had some others with really beautiful actresses. I liked those.

Interviewer:Some real maniac stuff.

Ai: Yeah. That's why I thought it would be more than it was. I never thought that they would shoot me to make me look so pretty.

Interviewer:Why did you get into this if you had such an image of the business?

Ai: Like I said before, I thought some of the girls were so pretty, and I wanted to have pictures of myself taken like that.

Interviewer:What was it that got you in the business?

Ai: I was scouted. The scout man who called out to me made me want to hear more about it. If he was a weird guy, I would have probably ignored him.

Interviewer:So, what do you think now?

Ai: It's pretty fun. I was overly familiar with people in the past. But when I started work, I didn't do it so much. I think that is a good thing. There are limits to everything, I think.

Interviewer:It is not too good to get overly close to people you meet for the first time in this business.

Ai: I dropped out of high school, and went through a variety of part time jobs. Fast food, sushi bar, coffee shop waitress. It was all service sector jobs. I chose jobs where I had to come in contact with people, but I always thought I had to fix my problem of being too straightforward to people.

Interviewer:Did you find it hard not to be overly familiar with people?

Ai: In those kinds of work, you usually only say a few fixed phrases to people. It wasn't hard to work around it. I never could get by dealing with strange customers.

Interviewer: Strange customers?

Ai: Guys that would ask me out or grab my arm and try to take me away.

Interviewer:That doesn't seem like the things customers should be doing...

Ai: I was never good at dealing with the unexpected.

Interviewer:What about dealing with the actors in videos?

Ai: Sex in the videos is just different than in private. After all, you usually don't have sex with people watching you.

Interviewer:Do you like sex itself, or dislike it?

Ai: I certainly don't dislike it.

Interviewer:How many guys have you been with up to now?

Ai: About 15.

Interviewer:Have you done it with anyone who wasn't your boyfriend at the time?

Ai: I do it, yes. When I was in high school... I didn't go out with two guys at once, but when I have someone I liked, I would have sex with another guy. Not like a sex friend, but I had someone else on the side.

Interviewer:Not just someone you have sex with?

Ai: I liked them both, but it was like, number one and number two.

Interviewer:Kinda like how sex is better if it is someone you really like?

Ai: Yeah, I feel that way. I like just fooling around more than sex itself. It is sad when a guys says "I'm beat" and falls asleep or says I can go home.

Interviewer:I've never told a girl to leave, but the other part I can unfortunately relate to... I don't intend it that way, but I have been called cold after it is over.

Ai: You are that kind of person? How low! I can't forgive a guy like that.

Interviewer:Sorry! Sorry! But you have really had a guy who told you to go home?

Ai: Yeah. I can't take that. I like to be held afterwards and asked if it felt good for me.

Interviewer:You have to have lots of foreplay and followup afterwards?

Ai: I prefer it, yes. Come to think of it, when I was seventeen I went out with my first guy who was good at sex. He made me think "this is real sex." Up until then, all the men I was with just wanted to do it so they could cum.

Interviewer:Say, when was your first time?

Ai: I was really into volleyball when I was in junior high, so I didn't have time for boys. It was my first year in high school. I did it with a boy the same age as I. Come to think of it, the first time he just stuck it in me and it was over just like that. He did say sorry, though.

Interviewer:It was his first time, too?

Ai: No. He was a real playboy.

Interviewer:Even so, he was an early cummer.

Ai: Yeah. Right away (laughs).

Interviewer: Some guys are just like that. If he was a playboy, did he have you do stuff like blowjobs on your first time?

Ai: Yeah, he did. But I had actually done it once before in my second year of junior high.

Interviewer: I thought you were a sports girl and didn't have time for stuff like that.

Ai: On Valentine's day, I met with a boy I liked to give him chocolate. We went between the school building and the gym and he sat on the stairs and asked me to give him a blow job. So I did.

Interviewer: You knew what he was talking about when he asked for a blow job, huh?

Ai: Yeah. At that age you are really interested in sex and stuff, right? I had read about it in books...

Interviewer: And lo and behold.

Ai: He told me to do it like this and that. But afterwards, he never asked for it again. I think I might have hurt him (laughs).

Interviewer: Without a doubt

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