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Frequently Asked Questions at JSexNetwork

Q: I am unable to register as a JSN member through your payment portals.
1. You have exceeded your limit on your credit card.
2. Your name and credit card maybe in a blacklist database due to: past spending habits online. ie: you've made numerous chargebacks or made refunds at other adult websites.
3. Your IP address does not match the country of your credit card. ie: You use a U.S. registered credit card but you are trying to signup to the website with an IP from Indonesia.
4. There is the possibility that your bank does not work with adult payment processors for either religious reasons or legal reasons, and may not authorize your valid credit card. Such a country includes Malaysia.

Q: How do I cancel? (Please have your membership information ready)
A: If you purchased your subscription at our Verotel Payment Gateway: Please Click Here
A: If you purchased your subsciption at our CCBILL Payment Pateway: Please Click Here

Q: What is the allowed daily download qouta at JSexNetwork?
A: It is 50 Gigabytes per day begining at midnight Central Standard Time. The daily qouta also resets at midnight Central Standard Time. If you surpass the qouta, your account will be on hold for 24 hours.

Q: Sharing your VIP Account.
A: JSexNetwork has a zero-tolerance policy regarding abuse. VIP accounts are limited to one person and are not transferable. This rule will be strictly enforced and monitored by our administrators. We also have multiple advanced security checks, so abuse will be logged and noticed. Your account will be terminated with no refund.

Q: What download managers are NOT allowed?
A: Just Flashget and Xunlei (Thunder).

Q: Do I get to choose my own username and password when I register?
A: NO, we will assign you a random 9 digit lapha numeric username and 8 digit alpha numeric password consisting of numbers and letters which are cap sensitive.

Q: I have had awful experiences with credit card fraud in the past. Would I encounter this here?
A: No you would not. We are strongly against fraud as we represent one of the newest breed of sites which take customer/member privacy and transactions very seriously.

Q: I don't want anyone to know that I visited this site, especially family members who look at my credit card statements.
A: The charge on your credit card statement will only show "Verotel Pro " or "CCBILL" and will not have anything saying Jsexnetwork.com or anything explicit that will cause suspicions with anyone. Simply saying... No one will know you visited this site other than us and the payment gateway.

Q: Will my email address be disclosed to sold to a third party?
A: Absolutely NOT. Your information is considered confidential. We will not sell, lend, give any information out to anyone. Please view our Privacy Policy for more details.

Q: My password and username does not work. I cannot access the site. It can be one of the following reasons:
- Make sure Java Scripting on your browser is enabled.
- Your Membership has expired.
- Two or more people logged on at the same time. (Multiple IP Address entry)
- You have surpassed the 50 Gigabyte daily qouta. Come back in 24 hours. Qouta resets at 12am Central U.S Time.
- You typed in the username and password incorrectly more than 5 times.
- Try switching off your firewall, or add JSexNetwork.com to your firewall 'allowed' settings.
- Make sure you have the newest web browser installed on your computer.
- Change your browser security settings and privacy settings back to default.
- You have cut and pasted an extra space into your username or password.

Q: I forgot my account details and I lost the important email with the info, what should I do?
A: If you registered via Verotel, please go to: https://www.vtsup.com/en/subscription/search
A: If you registered via CCBILL. please go to: https://support.ccbill.com/

Q: How old do I have to be to acquire a membership subscription at JSexNetwork.com and its sites?
A: You must be at least 18 years of age with a valid credit card.

Q: How can I direct questions?
A: You can contact us at support@jsexnetwork.com. Our support department is staffed 24/7.

Q: Can I keep the movies I download?
Yes you can! We do not use DRM technology here, so the movies will never expire. You can watch it over and over again on your own computer even after your subscription ends.

Q: Are our activites on the site monitored?
We are forced to take a hard line with abuse. We do monitor and record your activities on our servers to predict and take action in situations that we consider to be abusive. Per our Terms and Conditions, we reserve the right to terminate service at any point to any subscriber for any reason. We ask that you obey our policies and conduct yourself in a dignified manner. No probing. No hacking. No hogging resources. No excessive requests. No account sharing, No abusive downloading techniques, No download bots and Not trying to to beat the limiting system. Respect our services or your account will be cancelled without a refund and explanation.



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