Recommended DBANK Requirements

Hardware Requirements

Before you begin downloading the files: please make sure you are running a Windows or Mac operating system. Highly unlikely you can playback the videos on an Amiga or Commodore computer. You may be able to play the file on a MAC, but not all movies will play if you do not have the proper video codecs installed. You must also have a decent computer with a decent graphics card installed. If you get rendering PIN problems when trying to play a video, that means your graphcs cards is too old.

1. Minimum Pentium III 800 Mhz or higher. We recommend Pentium 4 or higher.

2. Minimum 256 MBs of ram/memory. The more the better. We recommend at least 512 MB.

3. Bare minimum of 32 MB AGP graphic card with hardware acceleration.

4. Lots of hard drive space. We recommend a minimum of 80 gigabytes of free space all the time on your main hard drive as DBANK video files are well over 1 gigabyte is size.


Video Player Requirements and Codecs

Windows Operating Systems:

To play the DBANK videos on a Windows based computer, please use Windows Media Player or Media Player Classic, or VLC player. If you are not using VLC Player, please make sure you download and install the video codecs required first.

*** For Windows 7 & 8 operating systems + Windows Media Player 11, you may not need to install codecs at all.

K-Lite Full Video Codec Pack for Windows Computers:

This codec pack contains all of the most popular video codecs available and also comes with Media Classic

Mac Operatng Systems:

Player a very good player in our mind. For MAC OSX computers, if you require the DivX or XviD codec, you can either manually install them from the links below, or download the VLC Media Player which is available for MAC OSX 10.1 and up.

DivX for Mac:
Xvid for Mac:

The VLC Media Player is also a great alternative player for viewing the DBANK videos for both: Windows, MAC, and Linux users, it comes already built in with the popular video codecs.


Download Managers and Download Accelerators


The following download manager softwares are prohibited and are NOT allowed at JSexNetwork: Xunlei (Thunder), Flashget. If you attempt to use these, you will find yourself banned with no refund.


We recommend you to use a free download manager called: GetRight or Free Download Manager (FDM).

For Getright, it is pretty straight forward. Install the manager and you're ready to go. Tinker it, and you might have problems. The default settings work best. If you are unsure, open up GetRight, clickon the tools bar and select GetRight Configuration. On the left column tree, you will see Download. Expand the tree and select Accelerate. Make sure Accerelerated Segmented Download is OFF. If this is ON, you will have problems resuming your connection if it is disconnected or you will see a drastic reduction in your daily qouta if it is turned ON. So make sure it is OFF.


Making the most out of your daily download qouta

1. Daily Qouta Size. Its unlimited as of April 2014.


If you've got high blood pressure or irregular blood symptoms, we do not recommend you to download exciting DBANK videos. Health always comes first, then comes porn, then maybe your car.




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