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A voodoo mishap causes a body swap.

Transformation From Male to Female Nao Ayukawa 1.06 GB

Nudity and Sexual Content ~ Here is an odd and a bit humourous adult video starring Nao Ayukawa. A guy transfer's his soul over to Nao and he becomes Nao, while Nao becomes the guy. Upon discovery of his new found female body, he plays with his new body and discovers pleasure playing with the clitorus. Funny scenes include trying to take a piss in the toilet and acting like a pervert horny guy, except he's sporting Nao's body.
Video Size: 640 x 480 Running Time: 01:49:05 Size: 1.06 GB Codec Required: DivX

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* This movie contains nude scenes and sexual content of actress Nao Ayukawa


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