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Blitz Girl Urusei Yatsura Tina Yuzuki 1.25 GB

Cosplay/Roleplay and Sexual Content ~ Based loosely on the popular manga/anime Urusei Yatsura (Those Obnoxious Aliens), here is Tina Yuzuki starring as the infamous alien 'Lum' who goes to earth and falls in love with 'Ataru Moroboshi', the most lecherous and lazy guy in the world. This adult version is about an alien learning about sex on earth and Tina does an awesome job as the main female character. If you lived in asia when you were a kid in the mid-late 1980's, you may have seen this Japanese anime come on the television, and if you haven't seen this, you're in luck! we've linked a page for you to check out the anime online (with english subtitles) so you can watch it while you download the porn version.
Video Size: 640x480 Running Time: 01:30:00 Size: 1.33 GB Codec Required: DivX

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* This movie contains nudity and adult scenes of Tina Yuzuki (Rio)


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