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Horse Riging Machine Sex - Simply put, a girl sitting on those automatic massage stools that moves back and forth like riding a saddle on a horse, except nude off course. Starring 2nd tier actresses Minaki Saotome, Mirei Kinjou (Reina).

Horse Machine Sex AV Idols/Amateurs 912 MB

Nudity and Sexual Content ~ 2 AV Idols and 1 amateur dressed like cowgirls will hop onto this horse machine (massage chair shaped like horse saddle), which mimics the movement of riding on a horse. They will masterbate while rocking back and forth as well as lie on this machine and get pumped. A rather dumb and simple idea turned into an adult video but in some ways, it's very delightful if you are extremely lazy, and prefer not to move during sex, since all the movement are done for you and the only effort you need is to aim your twang into her pussy. Starring Minaki Saotome, Reina (Mirei Kinjou).
Video Size: 640x480 Running Time: 01:42:41 Size: 912 MB Codec Required: WMV

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* This movie contains mature content scenes of Minaki Saotome, Reina (Mirei Kinjou)


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