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Our 2007 December X'mas feature is super hot Maria Ozawa and Anri Suzuki in 100 Continuous Insertions. Put two major Japanese adult actresses together with completely different personalities and appeal and you've got one awesome video. Taking sexy to a whole new level!

100 Continuous Insertions M. Ozawa / A. Suzuki 2.43 GB

Maria Ozawa ~ Canadian-Japanese Maria Ozawa is one of the most popular actresses in Japanese AV. With her fun, polite, and friendly attitude (agreed by actors and directors) and not to mention her exotic mixed blood appearance, Maria has been enjoying her super stardom since her debut in year 2005. December 2007 marks her greatest year as she is ranked as 8th most popular adult actress in all of Japan and one of her upcoming videos has been submitted to compete in the 2008 AV Grand Prix Awards, representing DAS Studios out of 76 other studios for the the most prestigious adult video award in Japan. Also check out other Maria Ozawa videos available at JSexNetwork for download: click here

Anri Suzuki ~ Classy, sexy and tall perfectly describes Anri Suzuki. But on the interior side of this popular actress, you will find a very intelligent and extremely deep minded individual. Making her debut at Moodyz studio, even before her debut video was released, this actress was already prepped for great things to come and on December 2007, she is ranked 18th most popular actress in Japan. Anri's upcoming group video with Soft On Demand is also a competing video in the prestigious 2008 AV Grand Prix Awards. Also check out other Anri Suzuki videos available at JSexNetwork for download: click here

Group and Sexual Content ~ '100 Continuous Insertions' is an exciting revenge video with a simple plot, and the story begins portraying Anri Suzuki as a rich and famous model who has an enormous sexual appetite where she likes to be serviced everyday at her mansion by 3 to 4 guys. On a trip to a bar one day, Anri and her right hand man spot a fun loving Maria Ozawa, and eventually Anri's right hand man has a hidden agenda and get's Maria to Anri's mansion and Maria ends up being tied up and gangbanged. In retribution, Maria's pimp and friends capture Anri and gangbangs her back. In the end of the video, it becomes a complete orgy video where Maria and Anri are put together side by side and banged by a whole crowd of men. Completely crazy and exciting and this video brings orgies to a whole new level. This video is broken up to 2 files and is available in DivX or Windows Media Video format.
Video Size: 640x480 Running Time: 04:00:00 Size: 2.43 GB Codec Required: DivX/WMV

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* This movie contains nudity and extreme adult content scenes of Maria Ozawa and Anri Suzuki


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