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Only the Japanese can come out with brilliant ideas for pornography. Enjoy Enema Sports Tournament, where girls battle it out to become the Enema Queen.

Enema Sports Tournament Amateurs 1.73 GB

Contest and Sexual Content ~ Boys and Girls, welcome to JSexNetwork Medical School, the cool site where you can enjoy yourself as well as get educated. First off, before you go download this video or get all curious, you should know what the term 'Enema' is. It is the procedure of introducing liquids into the rectum and colon via the anus, and there are couple reasons why people do this...which we won't go into detail, but in this case, it is for erotic purposes. So in Enema Sports Tournament, a group of girls will get their rectums filled up for the tournament and will see who can shoot the farthest and who can play twister without spilling everything out. Oddly funny, and somewhat gross, but overall, we never expect something like this could be quite entertaining. This is a 2 part file download.
Video Size: 640x480 Running Time: N/A Size: 1.73 GB Codec Required: WMV

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