Alicesoft Tsumamigui
Alicesoft Tsumamigui

S1 Studios and Japanese erotic game company AliceSoft brings you the popular hentai series 'Tsumamigui' also known as' Wife Eater'. Based originally from one of the most popular hentai PC sex games in Japan to eventually becoming an animation, Tsumamigui is the threshold for a PC game to make its transition into the actual AV world. The video stars Yuma Asami (left) and Honoka (right), two of the most exciting Japanese adult actresses as the original characters Chiho and Kanae from the PC game.

In this cool video adaption of the game, you are a college student, who live in the same apartment with these two women and your goal is to try to hook up with both of them. Just like the game itself, the final objective is to bang both Chiho and Kanae at the same time in the end.

Honoka and Yuma Asami are both amazing in 'Tsumamigui' and in the last scene where you accomplish your mission and get both girls in the same bed and have them share your rod, is just completely mind blowing. This video is a two file format download.

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