Airi & Meiri
Airi and Meiri
Airi & Meiri (Twins)    
Airi and Meiri
Date of Birth: March 31 1985
Birth Place: Tokyo
blood Type: A
Height: Airi: 149 cm Meiri: 148 cm
Airi Bust: 81 Waist: 57 Hip: 83
Meiri Bust: 80 Wast: 56 Hips: 82
Specialty: Dancing and cooking
Official AV Debut: October 2005

The video producers at KM Produce Japan were thrillied when real twin sisters Airi and Meiri decided they wanted to become AV stars. Nevertheless, they were given an exclusive contract immediately under the Million label and now they are officially the second pair of twins to ever grace the AV circuit. Currently a big hit in Japan, Airi and Meiri are uncovering the very deep fantasies of Japanese fetish, and the erotic notion of making love to two sisters at the same time. What makes these two girls so special? After revewing couple movies, we have to agree that Airi and Meiri do excellent jobs when they tag team on one guy.

Airi and Meiri in Dearest School Girl
Airi and Meiri in Immoral Sweet
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