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A funny Japanese adult video presented by Soft On Demand titled 'Enter Men's Bath House Without Being Seen'. Entering an all male establishment can be a bit embaressing especially when you are girl and you have to take off all your clothes.

Enter Men's Bath House Actress: Enter Mens Bath House Embaressed Girls 1.51 GB

Nudity and Brief Sexual Content ~ Soft On Demand Presents 'Enter Men's Bath House without being seen'. In this rather funny video, couple girls off the street are asked if they want to win some prize money. The catch is to go into a Japanese Men's Only bath house, take a bath, perform a task, and find the golden golf ball. The whole bath house is rigged with hidden cameras and couple actors posing as bath house customers add some funny twist to this video.Please note that there are no intercourse scenes in this video, but we still found this video quite delightful.
Video Size: 640 x 480 Running Time: 02:12:25 Size: 1.51 GB Codec Required: Xvid

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* This movie contains mature content scenes of embaressed girls.


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