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 Max Airline  Akiho Yoshizawa  580 MB
Yoshizawa Akiho

Akiho Yoshizawa took storm of the AV industry with her baby face and her sweet breasts. No one would have guess this cheeky starlet would sit at top with the best of the best. After making so many movie releases, Akiho still looks marvelous and gorgeous as ever. Released in April 2005, Max Airlines has no real plot at all, but is all about costume fetish. Akiho stars as an air stewardess being enjoyed by wierdos, pilots and more. Lots of GFE feel in this movie. Although Akiho Yoshizawa's technique has always been more on the lazy side, you will find it has not changed at all compared to her other movies. MPEG.


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Yoshizawa Akiho in Max Airline

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